Pamela Anderson realised no one has perfect childhood in look-back

Pamela, a love story: Trailer for Netflix documentary

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Pamela: A Love Story is on Netflix and the documentary gives the star the opportunity to share her side of the story about her personal life and career. Speaking from the home in which she grew up, Pamela discussed her childhood which was filled with both happy memories and trauma. has all you need to know about her mother Carol and her father Barry.

The Canadian-American actress was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on July 1, 1967.

She described living in the house in Ladysmith, Canada, as being “triggering and crazy”.

Pamela said in the documentary: “I have always come home when I have some kind of trouble going on and I just kind of know what I’m doing when I leave.

“It’s like a truth serum, you sit in the middle of that field and look at the stars, and everything comes to you.”

Taking a walk around the stoney beach, she reminisced about how her father would throw her in the water on April Fools Day every year.

She explained about her parents’ careers: “My mum was a waitress and she worked at Smitty’s Pancake House.

“But my dad was a poker player, conman, chimney sweep with a top hat and everything.

“Everyone has a story about my father, the notorious bad boy. My dad liked to race cars.

“My mum has a scar across her forehead because her head went through the windshield while she was pregnant with me.

“We like to joke that’s probably the reason why I’m a little bit crazy.”

Her mother Carol spoke in the documentary about how she loved living by the water.

Remembering Pamela’s birth she said: “Pamela hit the papers the minute she was born, Pam was the first centennial baby.”


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Her father recalled how she was “always at the store” as a child and she would wrack up bills of $50 after buying chocolate bars.

He added: “She was a little rebellious, all right.”

Her parents were just teenagers when they married and fell pregnant with Pamela.

The actress said they “fought quite a bit” and they left her father a couple of times during the relationship.

She said: “I realised no one has a perfect childhood.” But her mother was always extremely supportive of her career.

Once she was offered a job with Playboy, Carol encouraged her to embrace the opportunity.

She has a younger brother, Gerry, who is an actor and producer who worked in some of her movies and TV shows.

Her great-grandfather, Juho Hyytiäinen, was a Finnish native of Saarijärvi and changed his name to Anderson when he arrived in Canada as an immigrant.

Pamela: A Love Story airs on Netflix

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