Outer Banks season 2: Who is Carla Limbrey?

Outer Banks: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Outer Banks season two is on Netflix now and the series has already made its way to the top spot in the streaming platform’s top 10. The second outing introduced a new antagonist, Carla Limbrey, who got in the way of Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) and his friends. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about Carla Limbrey and who plays her. 

Who plays Carla Limbrey?

Limbrey is played by Elizabeth Mitchell, an American actress who is best known for her role as Juliet Burke in the series Lost. 

Other notable credits include appearances on the series V, Revolution and Dead of Summer. 

The actress has also starred on the big screen, in the Santa Clause films and The Purge: Election Year. 

The mother-of-one graduated from Stephens College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting, and continued her education at the British American Drama Academy. 

In 2000, she began dating actor Gary Bakewell and they were engaged, but the relationship ended in 2002.

Two years later, Mitchell married improv actor Chris Soldevilla and they lived together in Washington. 

They had a son together, who was born in 2005. They were married for nine years before divorcing in 2013. 

The star spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her latest venture as Carla Limbrey in the second season of Outer Banks. 

Speaking about the problems her character poses for the Pogues, she said: “She’ll do anything to save herself and she doesn’t have anything to lose.

“She’s not healthy; she’s not able to physically be a problem. But mentally, what she’s willing to do is pretty, pretty vicious. And I find that to be really scary. I wouldn’t go up against her for sure.”

Who is Carla Limbrey?

Carla Limbrey was introduced in the second season of the action-adventure series, when she wrote a mysterious letter to Pope. 

She claimed she had a way of clearing John B’s (Chase Stokes) name after he was wrongly imprisoned for shooting Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter). 

Pope went to visit Carla and she told him she required a key that she believed he had in his possession, but Pope knew nothing of the key. 

Throughout the series it transpired that Pope’s grandmother kept a key owned by Denmark Tanny, a slave on board the Royal Merchant ship. 

Carla needed the key to access a shroud hidden in the golden cross, as she believed it would cure her of her illness. 

She was prepared to do anything to get it and even killed her right-hand man in the process. 

Fans thought she had been left for dead by Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey) following the dramatic shooting. 

However, they were surprised to see her turn up in Barbados in the final moments of the season. 

She had received a letter bearing the wheat symbol, and fans learned she had been in contact with John B’s father, Big John (Charles Halford), who had been presumed dead the whole time. 

Fans are yet to learn more about Big John’s relationship with Carla, and how they came to know each other. 

Hopefully, a third season will shed more light on Carla’s history and her connection with John’s family. 

She is a descendant of Captain Limbrey, who watched many of his crew die on board the Royal Merchant as it sank. 

Like her ancestors, she is a selfish woman who is determined to have her own way at any cost. 

The star is on Instagram and ahead of the release of the second season, she shared a selfie with the message: “This is me after a day of press for #OuterBanks.

“Putting my books to good use for (actually very fun) Zoom calls and interviews. I’m so excited for everyone to get to see what this amazing cast has created. Those kids. So talented.⁣

“Three more days until Toxic Limbrey… #obx⁣ Now it’s time for pajamas.” [Sic] 

Outer Banks season 2 is on Netflix now. 

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