Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen’s son Reuben makes family admission ‘Not my thing’

Our Yorkshire Farm's Reuben Owen herds sheep in the snow

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Our Yorkshire Farm follows the lives of Clive and Amanda Owen and their nine children as they live and work on Ravenseat Farm. The Owen’s are hill shepherds and often involve their children in the farm work. However, in a classic episode of the hit Channel 5 series, Amanda and Clive’s eldest son Ruben shared his thoughts on farming. The youngster confessed he’s on a different career path to his parents.

In the episode, Ruben teamed up with his father Clive as they built a dam along the bank of a river running through Ravenseat.

Together they aimed to stop the river from encroaching on one of their hay meadows.

Machinery enthusiast Ruben used his new digger to build the dam, following the direction of his father.

Clive noted how grateful he was to have the new digger, highlighting how it aided them with the job.

The shepherd said: “It’s amazing when you have a digger like this and all that power at your disposal.

“I mean, before we couldn’t have dreamt of tackling a job like this and now we can,” he explained.

It soon became clear Ruben and Clive had differing opinions of how the job should be done.

“Plenty of arguing,” Clive laughed, as Ruben tried his best to take charge of the task.

However, Clive insisted that despite occasionally disagreeing with his son, he does enjoy working with Ruben.

The farmer said: “We work well together. We don’t agree on everything, but that wouldn’t do if we did.

“We’ll hopefully find the best way of doing something,” he commented.

Clive praised Ruben for his construction work, acknowledging his problem-solving abilities.

The shepherd said of his son: “He works things out, he has a good head on his shoulders and he can see a job and see a solution.

“He’s a good lad,” Clive added.

Clive commented that his children do what he tells them, but insisted they are also “mates”.

Speaking about his relationship with Ruben, the farmer said: “It’s great fun to be with him.”

Ruben agreed he often enjoys working with his father, but confessed he doesn’t plan to follow in his footsteps by becoming a farmer.

The youngster explained: “Me and my dad get along quite well.

“Farming’s never massively been my thing, but digging and construction and machinery is.

“So, it’s nice that now me and my dad have something we both really enjoy,” Ruben added.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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