Noah gets news of Zoe Tate as he makes a shock discovery in Emmerdale

Emmerdale viewers last saw Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell) back in 2005, in what was one of the most iconic departures from a soap ever. She strolled out of Home Farm with a knowing smile on her face as she gave the King family a house warming present to remember.

As she drove away, with Tom King (Ken Farrington) and his family smugly taking possession of Emmerdale’s most prized address, the house exploded into flames behind her following a deliberate gas leak.

Sadly, though viewers were hoping that one day Zoe would return, Leah Bracknell who played her died of lung cancer in 2019. A statement from the show following her death said,

‘Leah was a hugely popular member of the Emmerdale cast for over 16 years. During that time she featured in some of the show’s most high profile and explosive plots and always delivered a pitch perfect performance. Zoe Tate was one of soaps first lesbian characters and Leah made sure the character was both exciting and credible. Leah herself was a very generous and caring colleague, much loved by cast and crew alike.’

In upcoming episodes Zoe will once again be causing gossip in the village. It seems that Noah (Jack Downham) is about to come into some money after he discovers that Zoe – who was his aunt – set up a trust fund for him in his dad’s name.

Noah’s dad was Chris Tate (Peter Amory), a character who died in 2003, so exactly what the legal position is around Noah being able to access the trust fund is unclear.

But the big question is how will he react to suddenly being a man of means?

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