Nightstalker rapist Delroy Grant would shake victims hand after assaulting them

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Nightstalker Delroy Grant is one of the UK's most notorious serial burglars and rapists and used to speak softly to his victims in a whisper before carrying out his sickening attacks.

Over 17 years between 1992-2009 sick Grant carried out a series of burglaries, rapes and indecent assaults on elderly and vulnerable people aged between 68-93 in South London, leaving people in the area living in fear.

Looking back at the horrific crimes, his victims have said that he used to speak to them softly while some even reported that he gently kissed them after assaulting them.

Another victim said that he shook her hand before leaving, and in another sickening incident, Grant also took a woman’s pulse.

It was even said that after one horrific attack Grant apologised to his victim, saying: “I’m really sorry. I won’t do this again.”

The police investigation into the hunt for the notorious serial burglar and rapist is now the subject of a new ITV drama, Manhunt: The Nightstalker, which is based on the diaries of former DCI Colin Sutton who led the investigation that led to Delroy Grant's arrest.

It is reported that police linked him to incidents involving 203 separate victims.

Delroy Grant was known to enter victim's homes and then unscrew lightbulbs, switch off their electricity meters and rip out the telephone wires.

He would then enter the bedroom where his victim was sleeping.

One victim told of how she was sleeping, when she heard a noise outside. However, she thought it was her neighbour who was working late shifts.

She described how Grant, who was wearing a balaclava and gloves, shone his torch into her face.

She said that Grant claimed he wanted her money and took her to her living room, where he raped her.

The victim also had cuts to her face and lips and required major surgery from serious injuries to her waist and hips.

Another victim told of how Grant indecently assaulted her, after he gained access to her home by removing a window pane in her living room.

He also burgled her home before leaving.

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DCI Colin Sutton was brought in to help with Operation Minster, a task force set up in 1998 to find the Nightstalker, in 2009 following his successful arrest of the serial killer Levi Bellfield.

He proposed that the team conduct a large surveillance programme, which eventually led to Grant's arrest on November 14 2009.

He was taken to a police station, where DNA evidence confirmed that he was the Nightstalker.

Delroy Grant was sentenced to serve a minimum of 27 years on March 25 2011.

Manhunt: The Nightstalker airs on ITV on Monday at 9pm

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