Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season 2 trailer teases rule-breaking bedroom romps

Too Hot To Handle is set to give Love Island a run for its money, as the sun-soaked dating series has an almighty twist – sex is banned in the villa.

Netflix has released the trailer for season two of the hit reality show, which will premiere on the streaming service next week.

In it, viewers are greeted by 10 gorgeous singletons, who learn they are forbidden from indulging in sex, smooching, or any heavy petting during their time on the show.

The group is offered a $100,000 prize at the end of the series, but each sex act or snog will send that total plummeting down toward zero.

Panning over an azure blue ocean, the trailer introduces viewers to the contestants, who range from hunky French influencers to a British former stripper.

The robot host of the show – named Lana – informs the singletons: “No kissing! No heavy petting! No Sex!”

It goes on: “The purpose of this retreat is to help you with your emotional connections.”

However, the trailer makes it clear that most of the contestants fail to comply with the basic rules of the show, with scenes of fumbling beneath bedsheets and intense snogging featuring throughout.

The contestants will be staying in a lavish villa in the Turtle Tail peninsula, in Turks and Caicos, for one month, where abstinence is the name of the game.

Last year's series of Too Hot To Handle made stars of the likes of Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, with each of the 10 contestants splitting the prize money.

Despite engaging in the occasional sex act, they managed to keep $75,000 of their original prize pot.

Five couples were formed on the show, and though some stayed together after filming wrapped, none stood the test of time.

On the back of the success of episode one, earlier this year, the show was renewed for two more seasons, as viewers craved something to fill the Love Island-shaped hole in their lives.

Episodes one to four will be released on June 23, while the remaining four episodes will air on Netflix on June 30.

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