Naomi Campbell is model of hygiene as she cleans plane seat in rubber gloves and face mask – The Sun

NAOMI Campbell goes from catwalk supermodel to queen of clean as she shows off her latest diva-like obsession.

The fashion icon was pictured in an Instagram post wearing a face mask and latex gloves as she brandished anti-bacterial wipes to clean up the seat on a flight she was taking.

It came after Naomi, 49, posted a video of YouTube of her on another plane, disinfecting her tray table and arm rests, and even putting on her own seat cover.

In the video she says: “I clean everything you touch. This is what do on every plane I get on, I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

Naomi also explained why she wears the face mask on flights.

She said: “As the plane descends people start coughing and sneezing – this is my protection. And I really feel that this helps me, my little routine.”

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