Naga Munchetty roasts Matt Tebbutt over dressing down in shirt jibe

Naga Munchetty jokes about Matt Tebbutt’s shirt

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BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty is known for her cheeky exchanges with Saturday Kitchen host, Matt Tebbutt. She did not hold back on Saturday morning when she suggested he would “bring the mood down” after he called her chirpy and upbeat. 

In a chat about what was coming up on Saturday Kitchen, Naga started the conversation with: “Good morning sir, how are you?”

Matt looked taken aback as he said: “I’m very well, how are you? That was chirpy, that was very cheery.”

“I’m always very cheery,” Naga replied, before jumping in with: “Are you going to bring the mood down now?”

Matt laughed before answering: “Yeah, totally. 100 per cent.” 

He added: “No, not at all, you know me,” before introducing his special guest, comedian Jo Brand. 

This marks Jo’s third time on the show and she was excited to be there for Food Heaven and Food Hell. 

He introduced some of his chef guests and their proposed dishes, before introducing presenter Olly Smith. 

Olly was wearing a black jumper with a purple dinosaur on the front, which Matt felt the need to address.  

Olly said: “I am wearing a dinosaur and I was going to call it Matt the dinosaur, but I think Tebbutt the T-Rex.”

Matt then asked: “So is it dress-down Saturday?” As Olly said: “It is dress-down Saturday, you know, informal. 

“I’ve got some nice wine, it’s all about technique, you know? Keeping the wine tasty and delicious so yes, informality rules, Matthew.”

Matt said: “This has thrown me, quite frankly,” as he suggested Olly should wear one of his jazzy shirts. 


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Matt handed back to the studio where Naga said: “I don’t know with that shirt how you could accuse Olly of dressing down?”

Matt laughed as he explained: “There’s a story behind this shirt, I have just been able to get into it after about five years, so I’m going to wear it, quite frankly.”

Naga gave an awkward laugh as he continued: “What I’m saying Naga is I have lost a stone and a half, but you haven’t seemed to have noticed, but thanks.” 

Naga continued to joke further by saying Olly “looked great” as she glossed over Matt’s weight-loss comment. 

Elsewhere on BBC Breakfast, Naga apologised to NHS chief Matthew Taylor after her “awkward” line of questioning. 

Naga asked for Matthew’s messages to both the Government and the unions over the strike action, before probing him on “who should blink first”.

Matthew said: “I’m not here to choose one side or the other…”

It was then that Naga stepped in to apologise for the “awkward question”, adding: “But it literally comes down to that, doesn’t it?”

BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One from 6am. 

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