Meet the star-studded cast of the new Wednesday Addams series

Wednesday Addams: Jenna Ortega stars in trailer

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Wednesday is coming to Netflix on November 23 and it follows an older version of the title character. She is sent to Nevermore Academy, which is a special school for children considered to be outcasts. has all you need to know about who is in the cast.

Who is in the Wednesday Addams series?

Wednesday Addams – Jenna Ortega

The title character is played by Jenna Ortega, a 20-year-old American actress who played the younger version of Jane in the series Jane the Virgin.

Fans may also recognise her as Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle, or Ellie Alves in the second season of Netflix’s You.

Opening up on her latest role, she said: “I really wanted to try to do something different.

“My interpretation of Wednesday is that she’s a bit more socially awkward.

“There’s a confidence there, but it’s more concealed. She’s more straightforward, she’s more to the point, she’s on a mission and no one else really gets in the way.”

Morticia Addams – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Wednesday’s mother Morticia is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, a 53-year-old Welsh actress who was appointed CBE for her film roles.

She is known for her roles in The Darling Buds of May, Traffic, Chicago and The Terminal.

The star is married to actor Michael Douglas and they have two children together.

Gomez Addams – Luis Guzmán

Wednesday’s father Gomez is played by Luis Guzmán, a 66-year-old Puerto Rican actor who has more than 40 years of experience.

Some of his top credits include The Limey, Boogie Nights, Out of Sight and Traffic.

He started off his career as a social worker before moving on to acting, becoming involved in street theatre.

Uncle Fester – Fred Armisen

The infamous Uncle Fester is played by Fred Armisen, a 55-year-old comedian, actor and musician.

He is known for his work with his comedy partner, Carrie Brownstein, including the sketch comedy series Portlandia.

The actor has also played the drums in a number of different bands.

Pugsley Addams – Isaac Ordonez

Pugsley is Wednesday’s younger brother and he is played by Isaac Ordonez.

Isaac’s acting career began in 2018 and he has starred in Color Box and A Wrinkle in Time.

Larissa Weems – Gwendoline Christie

Larissa Weems is the headteacher of Nevermore Academy and she has a turbulent history with the Addams family.

She is played by Gwendoline Christie, a 44-year-old English actress known for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones.

Fans may also recognise her as stormtrooper Captain Phasma in the Star Wars franchise.

One of her most recent roles was as Lucifer in the Netflix series, The Sandman.

Dr Valerie Kinbott – Riki Lindhome

Valerie is a child psychiatrist who sees some of the students at Nevermore, including Wednesday.

She is played by Riki Lindhome, a 43-year-old American actress, comedian and musician.

Besides acting, she is known as a singer in the comedy folk duo, Garfunkel and Oates.

Viewers may recognise her from Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory and Duncanville.

Sheriff Donovan Galpin – Jamie McShane

The town’s Sheriff is not a fan of the Addams family but he cannot fault Wednesday for her detective skills.

He is played by Jamie McShane, an American actor known for his roles in Sons of Anarchy and Southland.

Viewers may also recognise him as Agent Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is not the first time he has played detective as he starred as Lankford in The Lincoln Lawyer.

Tyler Galpin – Hunter Doohan

Tyler works in the local coffee shop near Nevermore and he is fascinated by Wednesday.

He is played by Hunter Doohan, an American actor and writer known for Your Honor and Soundwave.

The star took to Instagram to share photos of himself with his co-stars at the premiere for Wednesday.

Praising the entire cast he said: “I love these people so much!”

Promoting the series he added: “Can’t believe I get to be a part of this show! Absolutely INSANE creative team and cast!”

Xavier Thorpe – Percy Hynes White

Xavier Thorpe is a mysterious student at Nevermore who takes an interest in Wednesday.

He is played by Percy Hynes White, a 21-year-old Canadian actor known for his film roles in Edge of Winter and A Christmas Horror Story.

He is the son of Joel Thomas Hynes, a novelist and director, and of Sherry White an actress and writer.

Enid Sinclair – Emma Myers

Enid is Wednesday’s peppy roommate and the pair are complete opposites when it comes to personality.

She is played by Emma Myers, an American actress who has previously starred in Girl in the Basement and Dead of Night.

Speaking to HollywoodLife she said of her latest role: “Honestly, this project was just something I really couldn’t say no to because, I mean, it is Tim Burton and it is the Addams Family.

“The scripts are just incredible, so it wasn’t really anything that had to kind of convince me to do it. It was the fact that I really needed to do it. I love Enid. I think she’s so fun.”

Marilyn Thornhill – Christina Ricci

Marilyn is one of the teachers at Nevermore and she appears to care deeply for her students.

She is played by Christina Ricci, who is known for playing a previous version of Wednesday in The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values in the early 90s.

The 42-year-old actress took on her first film role at just nine years old.

The star is married with two children.

Other students at the school include Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday), Ajax Petropolus (Georgie Farmer) and Yoko Tanaka (Naomi J. Ogawa).

Student Eugene Otinger (Moosa Mostafa), is joined by Lurch, the Addams family’s butler (George Burcea), Mayor Walker (Tommie Earl Jenkins) and Lucas Walker (Iman Marson).

Other guest characters include Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), Deputy Santiago (Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo) and Kent (Oliver Watson).

Final guests include Rowan (Callum Ross), Divina (Johnna Dias Watson) and Murray McArthur (Fabian).

Creator Tim Burton said he felt very lucky to be able to cast such huge names.

He said: “We were very lucky to get Catherine and Luis. We were going back to the drawings in the sense that they’re a beautifully mismatched couple who are in love.

“That’s what I loved about it. They’re such a striking, mismatched pair.

“I remember that feeling, and I think a lot of kids are embarrassed by their parents.

“And so you see this image of Catherine and Luis together, and now you get why Wednesday is Wednesday. It has to do with her parents.”

Wednesday airs on Netflix on November 23.

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