Married At First Sight Australia's Mike Gunner and new girlfriend Sonja kiss on the beach after row with Jessika on show

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Mike Gunner and new girlfriend Sonja kissed on the beach after his row with Jessika Power aired on the show.

Mike, 45, married Heidi Latchman on the reality TV series but they split shortly after filming ended two years ago.

He has since moved on with stunning Sonja Marcelline who he met on dating app Bumble last year.

And the couple couldn't take their hands off each other as they frolicked on the beach as they put on super loved-up display.

The fit pair revealed their toned bodies as they jogged together on the sand, with Sonja's sensational curves hard to miss in a colourful thong bikini.

Later, they turned up the heat in an amorous display, with the beauty jumping into Mike's arms and planting a kiss on his lips.

The pair continued to cool off in the ocean before enjoying a game of frisbee.

No doubt Mike's explosive row with Jessika where he blasted her for "s**t stirring" was far from their minds.

The electrician turned tattoo artist was seen confronting the show's 'most hated bride' last week as the episodes filmed in 2018 re-aired on E4 for UK audiences.

Brit viewers rejoiced on Twitter when Mike made jibes at Jessika's "trout pout and selfies", claiming that she was "delighting in other people's misery".

The gloves came off after "vindictive" Jessika tried to deflect attention from her affair with Dan, by telling an already insecure Ning Surasiang that her husband Mark Scriven wanted to "date loads of women" after filming wrapped.

Mike didn't want her to get away with her comments, and confronted her at the dinner party last week, saying: "That's some audacity coming from you, an opinion on someone else's relationship, being faithful."

Jess refused to address the matter with the group, resulting in Mike calling her "weak", and telling her if she's going to drag someone's name through the mud then she should explain her actions.

Meanwhile, Mike managed to go all the way on the show with Heidi and the pair were fan favourites, but at one point Sea FM radio presenter Heidi, who was 38 when she married Mike, got upset over the way Mike had spoken to her – which prompted their split.

Heidi claimed Mike had spoken to her aggressively: "This morning I was asleep, I coughed, the cough woke me up, and I coughed about 10 times, and then you went, ‘Can you put a pillow over your mouth when you cough?'"

Though the pair decided to remain married after the show ended, they eventually split with Heidi saying that they "didn't share the same values".

Following the split, Mike said in an interview that he "couldn’t make Heidi happy".

But she hit back on an episode of Talking Married and said: "I don’t ever look for someone to make me happy."

One of their most memorable moments as a couple came when Mike scathingly told Heidi "I'm not your therapist" as she opened up to him about her difficult upbringing.

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