Mady and Cara Gosselin Are Ready to Head to College

While it feels like the summer just started, it’s almost back to school time. For two famous twins, that means leaving their home in Pennsylvania for the first time to start college. That’s right, Mady and Cara Gosselin are officially headed away to college. The twins first appeared on television with their parents and sextuplet siblings when they were just six years old. Now, they are ready to embark on a brand new chapter, far from the watchful eye of their mother, Kate Gosselin.

Are Mady and Cara going to the same college?

While the twins have spent a limited amount of time apartfor the last 18 years, they will not be attending the same college. The pairgraduated from Lancaster Day School in May 2019 with their college plansalready set.

Kate sat down with People to discuss the kids’ college plans and how she felt about all of it. She noted that from the very beginning, they agreed that they were not going to go to the same school. Kate alleges their ambitions were just too different to consider applying to the same schools, but there probably is a bit more behind their decision. After 18 years of being “the twins,” they are probably excited about the idea of getting to be individual people.

They aren’t straying too far from each other, though. They will be in the same city for school, even if they aren’t on the same campus. While Kate has been tight-lipped about what schools they will be attending, both are heading to New York to pursue their education. 

Cara and Mady aren’t the only Gosselins starting a newchapter

Cara and Mady are heading to The Big Apple for college, but they aren’t the only Gosselins who will be experiencing a new environment. Jon and Kate’s youngest kids are preparing to head to high school for the first time, too. Alexis, Collin, Aaden, Joel, Leah, and Hannah turned 15 back in May and will start their freshman year in a few short weeks.

The sextuplets have already split up a bit, though. Hannah and Collin currently reside with Jon Gosselin. The other four are living with their mother, Kate. According to E!, Jon began seeking custody of Hannah back in 2015. The then 11-year-old apparently was having a hard time getting along with Kate and was adamant about living with her father. Collin later joined her after being released from a residential treatment center.

The sextuplets already attend different schools

The four kids that reside with Kate Gosselin all attend the same school. The mother of eight has kept their actual school quiet, but it’s possible they will attend Lancaster Day School like their two older siblings. Hannah and Collin, however, appear to be flying solo at a local public school.

According to Radar Online, Collin was yanked from the residential treatment center he was staying at after Jon filed for custody of the boy in October 2018. He had spent nearly two years living at the treatment facility intended for kids with special needs.

It looks like Collin will head to a public school that is equipped to deal with his needs, although both Kate and Jon have remained relatively quiet about what is actually going on with the now 15-year-old.

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