Love Islands Rachel Finni says show can learn diversity from Too Hot to Handle

Former Love Island star Rachel Finni has called out the hit ITV show for a lack of diversity and said it could learn from Netflix's Too Hot to Handle.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star's Carly Beech, bombshell Rachel expressed that although she feels diversity has improved on the programme, more could still be done.

Talking candidly on Instagram live she said: "I would like to see more diversity, I’m not saying it’s not diverse it’s fantastic.

"I’ve always spoken about diversity and they’ve delivered. I would like to see more ethnic minority backgrounds in the mix and I think it would be great if Love Island could learn from married at first sight with mixed sexualities, and mixed ages, they could learn from Too Hot To Handle with people from different places."

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Discussing the current cast, where viewers saw Italian Stallion Davide Sanclimenti enter as a bombshell on day one, Rachel still feels more diversity could be shown overall.

She said: "Yes they have Davide but really if you want to make things diverse make things diverse overall."

"The best thing & even though there’s still work to be done, I do love how diverse it is. I genuinely do. I’m very behind on the episodes I try to put it on but I end up falling asleep, I couldn’t even say who my favourites are at present.

"I really like Dami, Indiyah of course. I like Gemma I really do. I feel like Ekin-Su will be my favourite if I kept watching."

Last week, Rachel found herself embroiled in Love Islander tension after former islander Brad McClelland claimed he didn't think she was a bombshell during their season last year.

Islanders Tyler Cruickshank, Aaron Francis and Jake Cornish who were also on the call were seen laughing and giggling on screen.

After seeing the commotion online, Rachel was quick to call out their antics and dismissed their apologies that were released shortly after.

Talking to Daily Star, Rachel said: "I’m over it. I said what I said, they said what they said. We all know what everyone’s true feelings about the situation are. Everyone’s shown their true colours.

"I'm okay to move forward being me, knowing who I am because they’ve already damaged their name forever anyway.

"And the people that are trying to deter from it and get involved again shows their true colours and I'm just gonna keep on doing me."

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