Love Island’s Kady McDermott branded fake as fans claim shes on wrong show

Love Island fans are blasting bombshell Kady McDermott as “fake” as fans claims she is appearing on the “wrong show.”

The stunning islander has been getting close to fellow bombshell Zachariah Noble since her shocking entrance saw Molly Marsh dumped from the villa.

But it’s become apparent to fans that the pair don’t share much in common, something Kady picked up on during her date with Zach.

Fellow islander Mitch saw an opportunity and told Kady that Zach had dubbed their conversation as “dry.”

She went on to say she worries they don’t have much of a connection as Mitch called her out for making zero effort to get to know any of the other boys.

But just moments later as the pair were getting in bed, they were seen smooching under the covers.

Fans took to Twitter to react, with

“I’m not sure what Kady is looking for in here, why is she in the villa?” said one fan

Zach and Kady can’t hold a conversation for 20 seconds but they can kiss in bed, okay I guess.

Kady is wondering WHY she chose to come back into this villa and find love with these boys? She should have stayed at home honestly. She HATES them.

“Kady you just heard the man called you dry and you're really gonna put your tongue down his throat anyways?? Go home love you’re on the wrong show.”

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