Love Island's Joanna branded a 'psycho b***h' by fans for banning Michael from talking to Amber in 'spiteful' move

LOVE Island's Joanna Chimonides has been branded a 'psycho b***h' by fans for banning Michael Griffiths from talking to Amber Gill.

The 22-year-old confronted the exes in a tense showdown last night as she tried to figure out whether they still had feelings for each other.

But viewers weren't impressed at the way the recruitment consultant handled the situation, with many criticising her for trying to tell the 28-year-old firefighter he could no longer be friends with the Geordie beauty.

One took to Twitter to share their opinion, saying: "Joanna is one psycho b***h that just wants to make sure there is not even the slightest amount of even friendship between Amber and Michael. If anyone's a child it's her. She is the biggest s**t stirrer in there. #LoveIsland"

While another said: "How’s Joanna trying to tell michael he can’t speak to amber, psycho traits coming out #loveisland"

A third said: "Is Joanna messin??? Psycho alert #LoveIsIand"






A fourth commented: "Think Joanna is a wee bit of a psycho!! Saying Michael can’t even ask Amber if she’s alright anymore? The fuck!! #loveisland"

And a fifth joked: "Nah Joanna is a PSYCHO!! About “well don’t”. Are you okay luv???"

Joanna coupled up with Michael while Amber was away at Casa Amor, which forced her to return to the villa single.

But, after a flirty conversation which led the Geordie to contemplate taking her ex on a date, Joanna was shocked by Molly-Mae's revelation that there could still be something between the couple.

Michael and Amber were then forced to confront each other last night as Joanna revealed that she was "sick of their lies" as she struggled to get a straight answer from Michael and was left unclear of Amber's intentions.

Earlier in the episode she fumed at Michael: ""Either one of you have taken the p**s."

"And you really think it's me?" he fired back.

"I don't know you well enough to say, you're not going to take the p**s," she confessed.

"Do you still have feelings for her?" she asked.

But Joanna wasn't convinced and later she told Amy: "I just don't know what's the truth and what's not the truth."

Molly confided: "He's not being honest with you because if he'd said to Amber yesterday it's definitely done why would  she even contemplate taking him on a date?"

The former WAG then pulled Michael and Amber over for a chat as she asked Amber: "Obviously I just wanted to know, has Michael actually said to you it's completely done? Has he said 'just friends?"

Amber replied: "So everybody saw that conversation. Does that look like what was being said to me, from your point of view?"

But Michael cut in: "Wow. Wow. I made it very clear to you there and I said it so many times to you, that I thought I was being a d*** about it. So many times."

Amber chimed: "What did I say in response to you saying that? That's absolutely fine- is that what I said?"

"That's absolutely fine, yeah. They were your words. That's absolutely fine," explained Michael.

Amber admitted: "Ok. You could have just said, 'Ok I am done with this."

He discussed: "Hang on, your words to me were: 'We can't be friends'. And I said that's fine. So you knew that the situation was done with, because you then said I can't be friends with you."

"That wasn't in response to anything, that was just a statement," Amber quipped.

Michael slammed: "Yes it was. I explained to you the fact that there was an instant 'wow'."

Amber interrupted: "Stunning, there was the same energy that you had with me. Yeah."

Michael added: "And I tried to move back from it, because I didn't want to be involved in it and I could not deny that so I was still going to pursue that."

Looking annoyed Amber asked: "So did you think that I was aware at any point?"

But the firefighter explained: "I 100% thought that you were aware and it started to piss me off that things were getting back to her that it wasn't done."

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Cutting in to their conversation, Joanna said: "But my point is that if you told Amber straight, that there's nothing going on anymore then I don't think she would have walked away from that conversation smiling. This is my point."

She added: "What I am saying to you, as girls, I think we both need clarity."

"I think you need to word it a little bit better. Problem was that I asked you straight if you made it clear. It clearly wasn't made clear enough. But this is to make it clear."

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