Love Islands Jess and Ella rage at Zach as he admits to cheating

Love Island’s Zach comes under fire from fellow Islanders tonight after he admits to cheating – with Jess raging: “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.”

On Thursday night’s episode of the ITV2 dating show, the Islanders gather around the fire pit to play Never Have I Ever. During the drinking game, viewers find out who has had a threesome, who has dated someone over 40, and who had a cheeky way to get out of a date.

During the game, Tyrique raises the stakes and says: “Never have I ever cheated on someone.” When Zach takes a drink in response, Jess and Ella fire back with some pointed criticism.

“Once a cheat, always a cheat, Zachariah,” Jess says. “A leopard doesn’t change its spots, Zachariah.”

Ella adds: “If someone can justify cheating, who is to say that they won’t cheat again?”

Also during the game, Zach himself turns up the heat by offering: “Never have I ever been two-faced about someone in the villa.”

Meanwhile, it also emerges on Thursday night’s episode that a surprise recoupling is set to take place. Mehdi gets a shock text asking all Islands to gather at the fire pit and then Whitney reads out another message explaining that the girls will be choosing who they want to couple up with. But the two new bombells, Mal and Montel, get first choice.

The episode also sees Molly and Zach go on their first date – or ‘first skate’. Clad in helmets, arm and knee pads, the pair cling onto each other as they attempt to rollerblade along the beautiful Mallorca coastline.

It comes after eagle-eyed Love Island viewers claimed Molly was still not getting on with the other girls in the villa. In Wednesday's episode, the girls were shown getting ready for the evening but just before they left their dressing room they stopped to pose for a photo – but Molly wasn't included.

Jess Harding, Ella Thomas, Whitney Adebayo, Leah Taylor and new bombshell Mal Nicol all lined up for a picture, but despite Molly getting dressed up with them, she was behind the camera, rather than being part of the shot.

One viewer tweeted: "NOT THEM MAKING MOLLY TAKE THE PIC." Someone else added: "man these girls still don’t rate molly."

Another viewer commented: "Molly being the camera girl and not in the picture is hilarious sorry."

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom recently received 155 complaints accusing Jess and Ella of bullying Molly in scenes where she followed Zach into the gym where he was working out with Charlotte Sumner.

Jess and Ella watched from the poolside laughing. Jess then said: "Look, look, look! Molly is doing the most."

Ella added: "She's not leaving Zach's side today. She is obviously pretending that she just wanted to work out."

Jess said: "She knows we're talking about her. I don't give a f***. Give a f***."

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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