Love Island's Elma Pazar begs fans for money after being unable to work or claim furlough

LOVE ISLAND’S Elma Pazar has been forced to beg fans for money after being unable to work due to coronavirus restrictions or claim furlough payments.

The reality star, who appeared on the 2019 series of the show, took to Twitter to ask if any of her followers could “donate” some money to her bank account. 

Elma, 27, posted the plea to her Twitter account, writing: “If anyone wants to donate to my bank account to cheer me up, I’ll be happy to send you over my details. No time wasters please. Many thanks kind regards xxx'.

Despite the clearly jokey tone of the message, some followers slammed her for asking for help. 

One wrote: “I’ve been lucky and worked all through the pandemic. Hasn’t effected my job. Yet you’ve still probably more money in the bank than me #Welivewithinourmeans”

“Or you could look for a real job? "influencer on social media" / "love island contestant" are not careers,” added another.

The feisty star clapped back politely, reminding them that she is in fact an eyelash technician in the beauty industry.

She wrote: “I mean people do make careers out of them, and people earn well from them which would imply they are ‘real jobs’. However I’m an eyelash technician, which is also a ‘real job’ and can’t work due to Covid restrictions. Xx”

Another questioned: “Can’t be doing the clothes outfit thing on Instagram paid partnership  thing then?,” to which Elma explained: “I’m not on Instagram currently so your answer is no sweetie xx”

Elma also explained when asked that she does not qualify for furlough benefits so has been left without an income. 

The 27-year-old has had a rocky start to 2021 already after revealing her mother's partner had been taken to hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

She tweeted: “So 13 days after being rushed into hospital for not breathing due to having Covid pneumonia and being in ICU, my mums partner is home safe and sound.”

The beauty professional became an overnight star when she entered the Love Island in 2019 alongside Maura Higgins. 

However, her stay in the famous villa was brief as the pretty brunette left just six days later after being briefly coupled with Anton Danyluk.

The beauty industry has been hard hit by coronavirus restrictions with beauty and hair salons across the country being forced to close and no clear reopen date in sight.

The UK beauty industry contributes £28.4billion a year to the UK economy, compared with the car industry’s £18.6billion, however it and its employees are on the brink of collapse.

Back in July 2020 the PM acknowledged beauticians “feel a sense of unfairness when they look at hairdressers reopening”, he has insisted nail bars, beauty salons and spas must stay closed until “they can operate in a Covid-secure way”.

If you work in the beauty industry and are struggling financially, please visit the National Beauty and Hair Federation for extensive information and resources. 

You can also click on the UK’s Government website here to find out what help you are eligible for. 

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