Love Islands Catherine in tears as shes ripped apart from André

Love Island previews teases tears and new revelations

The teaser for Sunday’s episode of Love Island showed Catherine Agbaje in tears as she said goodbye to André Furtado after a double exit. 

The short clip showed the pair embracing as Catherine said: “It’s hard” as she wiped away tears.

“Maybe slow and steady doesn’t win the race, I don’t know,” she is heard telling her fellow Islanders.

‘Revelations’ are also teased as Jess Harding and Sammy Root were seen getting cosy together.

Sammy was heard telling Jess: “All I was thinking about when I was stood there was you.”

Jess replied: “Thanks” as she rested her head on his shoulder.

The exits come as Love Island fans accuse bosses of trying to “erase” Catherine and André from the show. 

Taking to Twitter one user said: “It’s so sad that Catherine and Andre are always together, but we are not even getting their moments, I mean why??

“Catherine is that girl, she is a force but we only get 2 seconds of her, how are people supposed to vote a person they can’t even see??”

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Another added: “Why are Andre and Catherine fully wiped from the show like??? They get 0 screen time and Andre is cute asf w how head over heels he is for Catherine show us more of that smh #LoveIsland” [Sic] 

Elsewhere in the episode, fans shared their opinions on Mitch Taylor as he made an attempt to pursue Jess.

Taking to Twitter, Just Me said: “Jess don’t get gassed… Mitch would couple up with a stray cat to stay in at this point #LoveIsland”

Bedlover commented: “Jess don’t even think about Mitch #LoveIsland”

S added: “Mitch only wants to talk Jess so he can get molly jealous #loveIsland.”

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J wrote: “Nah Mitch and Jess would be chaos… who’s gonna talk who off the ledge? #LoveIsland”

Jess had been exploring a potential relationship with Sammy and she was left confused after her chat with Mitch.

Pulling Sammy to one side, she told him she wanted to get to know Mitch, leaving Sammy unimpressed.

Sammy chimed in: “I can’t personally see him getting on better than me.”

Love Island returns on Sunday on ITV2

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