Love Island’s Amy left shaken as she’s forced to see Curtis dumping on Aftersun

Love Island Aftersun viewers were unimpressed with the spin-off show for showing heartbroken Amy a clip of Curtis cracking on with Jourdan.

The air hostess was all smiles when she joined Caroline Flack on the show to spill on her early exit.

However, her demeanor soon changed as she was shown footage of Curtis' antics in Casa Amor, and had to endure footage of him telling Jourdan there was something missing in their relationship.

As the clip aired, Amy's pained expression could be seen at the bottom of the screen, and afterwards she told Caroline Flack that the clip had knocked her.

"I’ve been in such a good place this week and then stuff like that throws me back a few paces," she said as she reflected on what she had just seen.

"I don’t have to watch anything now I’m out here, but watching that does make me feel [pulls sick face]."

"Defo shouldn’t have shown amy that video clip imagine having to see that for the first time on live tv! #LoveIsland ," one viewer wrote after seeing the gutted star.

While another agreed: "Don’t really think it was necessary to show Amy that clip, especially after she’s been doing so well since leaving. #loveisland #loveislandaftersun #aftersun ".

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