Love Island viewers claim contestant has gone missing as they disappear from show

Love Island fans were wondering why one contestant wasn’t getting more screen time on the show on Monday night’s show.

Catherine Agbaje, 22, was left upset after André Furtado, 21, was dumped from the villa last week and she’s currently left without a love interest in the villa.

Since then, fans have been wondering if she’ll be able to find a new match in the villa or whether she’ll be vulnerable in the next elimination.

One fan wrote: “where was my Catherine screen time”, while another added: “I don’t care about all this where’s my girl Catherine?? Why isn't she getting screentime,”

Other fans agreed that a new potential match for Catherine needs to enter the villa as soon as possible, with one writing: “Producers you have 48hrs to send in an absolute rocket for my good sis Catherine before I lose my sh**.”

Another said: “I LOVE Catherine, i do. But she needs to play the game and show more personality. I’m really worried she’s going to be eliminated."

Meanwhile, another person wrote: “if there is no new bombshell coming in for catherine I think she will be going home soon like this is not how I saw things going for her.”

Twenty one year old André arrived at the sprawling Spanish villa on day one of the newest season, and made a number of romantic connections during his stint. Sadly, despite growing closer to Catherine, his quest for love came to a dramatic end and he found himself in the bottom three alongside Zachariah Noble and Sammy Root.

His fellow Islanders then had the difficult task of choosing who to dump from the show out of the three boys.

After leaving, the new reality star has shared his thoughts on his time in the iconic villa – and just how he felt to be booted by his fellow co-stars.

"It was a real shocker for me. Of course, we know the saying 'expect the unexpected' has to be in our heads in the villa, but we get caught up in just living in the moment day-to-day," André began.

He continued: "When I came to the understanding I was among the vulnerable Islanders it wasn't the best feeling.

"Catherine was also among the most vulnerable Islanders and in my mind I was thinking, 'I definitely don't want this to be the end of her experience, let alone mine as well'."


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