Love Island star shares hidden connection to bombshell Rosie Seabrook

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    Love Island's Brad McClelland already knew bombshell Rosie Seabrook before she entered the villa.

    The series seven star opened up exclusively to the Daily Star during an Instagram Live.

    The handsome ex-Islander was asked if he knew anyone from the 2023 cast, which is when he admitted to knowing just one of the bunch.

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    Brad, 28, said: "I know of them, I've spoken to one of them before but I wouldn't say as a friend. I've spoken to one of them.

    "I've had convos with Rosie, I was just going through Instagram and thought I recognised her. This was ages ago, like a year ago, and just like a brief convo."

    This comes after Brad revealed how "disgusting" the ITV beach hut is to film in.

    He explained: "The beach hut used to stink because obviously all during the day we'd been in the pool, got suncream on, or will go and do a challenge and do the horrible food challenges.

    "And obviously we're sitting on a big wicker chair and you're wet and after a while, the cushion will be damp and they used to just have a bottle of spray and you'd go in and spray it.

    "The beach hut gets used loads it's probably the most popular place so there's even more dirt and stuff."

    Brad continued: "Basically, it's a set-up with a camera directly in front of you – you can't see yourself or the person talking to and it's just a voice and you speak to the voice and answer questions.

    "It's just an empty room with a camera, at first it's quite hard and then you do get used to it."

    The Northern lad is also eyeing up another TV stint which could see him return to our screens later this year.

    Brad said he would love to do Big Brother upon its return as he would get to "be himself".

    He said: "I think for me, with Love Island, they're producing the show and it is more ran off couples and they're looking for this certain thing but Big Brother from what I remember it was a free for all.

    "It had so many individual people in there that are so different personality-wise and you can go in and be yourself – that's all you have got to do, is be yourself."


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