Love Island fans claim cruel Tweet game was a fix after spotting messages are from brand new accounts

LOVE Island fans are claiming that the Tweet game was a fix after spotting messages from new accounts.

The islanders took part in Online Buzz and had to guess who a series of tweets were about in last night's episode.

But while the tweets picked seemed to stir up trouble between the islanders, many fans have taken to Twitter to discuss how they thought they had been written by producers on a fake new account.

One fan wrote: "They’re picking accounts with like 30 followers. So the producers have made fake accounts are now getting them to read their own tweets #LoveIsland"

While another revealed: "I’ve searched all these @‘s that have tweeted these so called “tweets” and they’re all fake account that have two follows and follow one #loveisland"

A third said: "I'm sure the tweets shown were fake, of all the tweets that popped off these are the ones you show them? Which producer sat down and wrote those themself? #LoveIsland"


Meanwhile, others moaned that the tweets weren't savage enough.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: “Those tweets were soooo fake, come on producers  #LoveIsland.”

A second added: “Imagine if the love island producers actually showed them real tweets, the villa would be burning right now #Loveisland.”

While a third wrote:  “The tweets in that challenge were actually SO dead, wouldn’t be surprised if the producers sat n made a bunch of fake accounts. Where was the actual banter n roasts I’ve been seeing for the last few weeks??? #loveisland.”

During the task one of the tweets read: "Tommy and Lucie are meant to be," leading to few quizzical eyebrows among the contestants.

Instagram influencer Molly-Mae looked deflated and revealed to Tommy later that she's taken them to heart, admitting she feels jealous of his and Lucie's friendship.

She told him: "I am the sort of person to get jealous over situations. You do spend a lot of time together. I just feel like she does try to get quite close to you."

The couple were dealt a further blow, when another tweet read: "Nah, Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae. She doesn't like him. She likes £50k."

"What am I meant to say? I'm a bit speechless to be honest," she lamented.

Trying to reassure her friend, Maura stepped in and said: "If everyone likes you just be f***ing weird."

But Molly-Mae was clearly upset and replied: "That was the most savage one to be fair, to say I am here for the money. That's rude."

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