Love Island 2019: Lucie makes a move on Tommy, the girls move to Casa Amor, and "Jordan who?!"

They’re heeeeerrrrrreeeeee… People of a certain vintage should get that movie reference, as for the rest of you; it’s a tenuous nod to numerous lonely souls descending on a house for the purposes of interfering with the inhabitants.

This year, it was the turn of the girls to head off to Casa Amor.

Faced with the prospect of meeting a load of new male energy, Maura was her usual level of “ecstatic”, Amber was “scared in case I come back single and Michael isn’t”, while Anna was somewhere in the middle with “is he (Jordan) going to crack on with other girls? Should I be doing the same?”

As for the other (original) single girl in the Villa, Lucie, she was just telling Tommy that she was now warming to him after their date – three weeks ago – and was ready to take things to the next level (if it weren’t for Molly, obvs).

Therefore, this influx of new blood couldn’t have come at a more opportune time (for Molly, obvs).

To be fair to Tommy, he immediately spurned “friend” Lucie’s advances saying he has found everything he’s been looking for in Molly-Mae.

As for what spurred Lucie to lay her friendship with both Molly and Tommy on the line? That Anton. He always buzzin’ about stirring pots.


Tentatively nosing their way around their new abode, Caroline (two appearances in as many nights? Poor lamb must be wrecked) announced the arrival of the new boys – which we introduced you to last night.

Dennon (pro-footballer), Dan (pro-idiot), Marvin (personal trainer), Stevie (student), George (builder) and Ovie (pro-basketballer).

The first person to have their head turned was Anna.

Like I said last night, he’s 28 and tall… She’ll be all over that. Speaking in the Beach Hut (relax, there can be two), she went so far as to say: “When the boys came out, the first thing that I thought was woah, Ovie was so tall and handsome. Literally, I was just staring at him, wow… He is 28, 6 foot 7 and he’s just gorgeous. I’m really excited. Jordan who?”

Bit harsh. Jordan is the guy who exposed Tom as the duplicitous “I don’t know if I lied or not” plank he turned out to be.

Jordan is a sound skin, and Twitter needs to stop giving him flack about his teeth.

Admittedly, they’re unique, but so is he. He’s not 6 foot 7 through. Who is?!

Moving on. Maura was into pro-footballer Denton. And that’s all you need to know.


The boys return from their “too blessed to be stressed” tour to find that their partners have absconded to Casa Amor to “connect” with a gaggle of new boys.

Hey, at least there were six replacements ready to fill their boots.


• Newbie Stevie calling Tommy an airhead in front of Molly-Mae… Stevie, love, you’re already starting on the backfoot being a real estate student instead of some form of professional sportsperson/model… whisht

• Molly-Mae officially started morphing into “love rival” Lucie

• All the new girls need some serious sunscreen… Immediately

• Twitter is all over Ovie. Like, all 6 foot 7 of him



Anna wears the face off Ovie (#Jordanwho?), Maura puts the lunge in on Dennon, and Michael sucks the neck off Nabila. Yep, the wan who said he needed “a woman not a girl…”

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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