Louise Minchin breaks down in tears as BBC Breakfast pays tribute to Captain Tom Moore

BBC Breakfast: Louise Minchin cries during Captain Tom segment

Louise Minchin and Dan Walker paid tribute to Sir Captain Tom Moore on BBC Breakfast today with a host of interviews whose lives were touched by the inspirational veteran. However, during a chat with Michael Ball, Louise struggled to hold back tears as they listened to his cover of You’ll Never Walk Alone with Captain Tom and The NHS Voices of Care Choir.

After playing a clip of the single, Louise said: “Oh Michael I’ve done the same to you as I’ve done to myself.

“Gosh, sorry,” she remarked while both her and the singer wiped tears from their eyes. 

“Are you alright?” Dan asked Michael and he replied: “I’m so grateful to him. He gave me a real focus, a real purpose at a time when I really needed it.

“We all know everything he’s achieved. It was about him, it was about his humanity, his sense of dignity, his kindness and to allow me and to trust me to put something together in 14 hours so we could give him a number one for this 100th birthday is a testament to the man.”

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“I’m so lucky, I’m so blessed, he touched my life and everyone else life so beautifully,” he added.

“Thank you so much for sharing your memories with him,” Dan said. 

“I’m not allowed to pass Louise tissues because of Covid protocol but she’s found one herself.”

“Are we all okay?” Louise asked. “Are we all okay everybody?”

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