'Little House on the Prairie': Michael Landon Said Someone Told Him He Got Cancer Because He Wasn't Having Enough Sex

Fans of Little House on the Prairie adore Michael Landon. The actor helped write, produce, and bring the show to life — and he certainly succeeded. He’ll forever be remembered by the cast, crew, and fans for his role as Charles Ingalls.

Landon died from cancer, and prior to his death, he spoke with Johnny Carson regarding his diagnosis. The actor noted someone told him he got cancer because he wasn’t having enough sex. Here’s what happened.

Michael Landon from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and liver

Landon ultimately died at the age of 54 due to pancreatic and liver cancer, but he did his best to prolong his life. At the time, he told Life Magazine he intended on fighting “like hell” to stay alive, and he attempted to rid himself of cancer through a variety of methods.

“I’m not the kind of person who gives up without a fight,” Landon told Life. “If I’m gonna die, death’s gonna have to do a lot of fighting to get me.”

Ultimately, he settled on a holistic approach after initially opting out of chemotherapy. “D*mn carrots are turning me orange,” he said, according to AP News. “And every time I eat or drink, I swallow digestive enzymes to replace what the pancreas has stopped producing. And then, once a day, I take a tried-and-true remedy for intestinal irritation – a coffee enema. Yup, I get filled to the rim. Organic coffee, I might add.”

Unfortunately, Landon’s methods didn’t work. He died in 1991.

Landon said someone told him he wasn’t having enough sex

After Landon’s diagnosis, he visited The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. And he talked about the advice fans were giving him regarding the cancer.

“There were some [suggestions] I didn’t try,” Landon explained to Carson. “One guy, he told me that the reason you go it, you got the big C, was that I did not get enough sex.” Landon then joked that the person giving him this advice thinks he only had sex “nine times” because that’s how many children he had.

“He gave me the regimen,” Landon continued, “which would kill the average 25-year-old. … He said, if you don’t have sex more than twice a week, you’re gonna get it.”

Landon said laughter helped him get through the tough times

While Landon joked with Carson about some serious topics, he kept the entire interview light-hearted and fun. “I try laughing,” Landon added. “You gotta laugh a little.”

Landon then made fun of his coffee enemas. “I invited John over for a coffee enema,” he told the audience, referencing Carson. “He wanted cream and sugar and I’m not pouring.”

The conversation switched over to Landon’s iconic hair next. “I had my roots done yesterday,” he said. “Two blood transfusions and I had my roots done!” Landon, of course, kept the roaring laughter going from Carson and the rest of the audience.

While Landon didn’t overcome his cancer, he was able to keep in good spirits for the rest of his life. And fans certainly adored his humorous outlook and the legacy he left behind.

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