Line of Duty fans convinced Vicky McClure is Llama on The Masked Dancer after AC-12 clue

LINE of Duty fans are convinced Vicky McClure is Llama on The Masked Dancer after an AC-12 clue.

The ITV spin-off series has already seen two celebrities unmasked and tonight, four stars returned for their second performances.

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One of those was Llama, and her clues had Line of Duty fans going nuts.

As her clue VT played out, she walked past a fan which had a sticker with AC-12 on it.

As fans of the BBC drama series know, AC-12 is where the action happens and after her performance, Llama gave two lies and a truth.

One was: "I am a northern drama queen", and it left many viewers convinced Llama is Vicky McClure, who plays Kate Fleming.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "#MaskedDancerUK llama is vicky mcclure. no questions asked."

Another added: "I think Llama is @Vicky_McClure 100%."

A third tweeted: "With the AC-12 clue, surely Llama is Vicky McClure and she has that sense of humour."

Vicky even got in on the action, teasing fans with the tweet: "Been an aLLAM’ingly hot day!"

Others thought the fact Llama danced to 'Bad Guy' by Billie Eilish meant it could be Thandiwe Newton, who appeared in series four of Line of Duty.

One wrote: "Llama is definitely Thandiwe Newton AC-12 she was in Line of Duty and died a death more than once is westworld."

Another agreed, writing: "The llama is Thandiwe Newton, died plenty of times in WestWorld #MaskedDancerUK."

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