Laura Kuenssberg scrambles as guest swears live on air

Laura Kuenssberg steps in when guest says k**b

Samuel, Simon Schama and Justine Greening were the trio of guests to go over the latest headlines from the world of politics on Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC show.

Inevitably, there was only one thing on the agenda: Partygate.

After a video emerged, obtained by The Sunday Mirror, appearing to show Tory staffers enjoying a non-socially distanced party while the nation was locked down, Laura was keen to hear the panel’s thoughts.

As the show edged towards its conclusion, Simon weighed in with his thoughts on the matter and how it can sum up humans as a whole – which teed up Samuel’s explicit slip-up.

Simon said: “We have so many existential crises coming out, climate change, the next pandemic coming around the corner, the sense really in which those who determine the way we live economically are completely outside of our control.

“But human beings are this funny paradox, Laura. On the one hand, we’re remarkable.

“We produce Dr Semmelweis and Waldemar Haffkine who developed the first vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague.

“So we’re paragons of the enlightenment, we can do scientific miracles, and produce a vaccine against Covid far quicker than anyone imagined.

“But on the other hand, we’re this barely evolved, mad, cartload of primitive paranoia, hysteria, conspiracy theorists and idiotically trivial complacencies seen jiving while the rest of us poor mortals were locked down.”

Laura turned to Samuel for his verdict on the ‘Partygate’ ordeal as he’d already mentioned the fact he was aware of social gatherings taking place during his time in Downing Street amid the lockdown played a part in his exit.

“Samuel, I know you were involved in working on the vaccine when you were in Number 10, what do you think about that now when you reflect on all of this?” Laura asked.

“Well, yeah, human beings are incredibly complex,” Samuel answered. “We can achieve brilliant things and do really stupid things and it can all manifest itself simultaneously.

“So Boris Johnson’s legacy is of course the vaccine deployment but it’s also some of the nonsense that happened when I was there.

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“But it can be completely possible to achieve great things and still be a bit of a k**b, I think,” Samuel said as the panel giggled and Laura gasped.

He continued: “Not that I’m calling Boris Johnson a k**b, of course.”

But Laura scrambled to apologise to viewers: “Goodness me, this is a family show on a Sunday morning.

“I hope nobody is offended by that language,” she added.

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