Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Likens Biden Administration To Plot Of Mr. Robot

In last night’s Last Week Tonight episode, John Oliver took a jab at White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki, who at a recent press conference equated the unpredictable political process in Washington to certain fictional television shows.

When asked what series the Biden administration would be like, Psaki replied, “Maybe The West Wing if something good happens? Maybe Veep if not?”

Oliver called out Psaki on her mischaracterization and had choice words for the creator of the Emmy Award-winning NBC show, Aaron Sorkin.

“Of course you want to be The West Wing. Every administration wants to be The West Wing,” Oliver remarked.

Describing the 2000’s serial political drama, Oliver called the show “American fan fiction written by a man drunk on liberal righteousness and weapons-grade cocaine.”

The British American comedian gave his take on the current state of the White House and designated it a more sordid comparison, likening the administration to a series about anarchist hackers aiming to rid the world of financial debt.

“Unfortunately this White House might be more of a Mr. Robot in that I’m not sure even the people involved know exactly what’s going on,” Oliver said. “And, unless they’re very careful, it might stop after four years.”

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