Kylie Jenner looks unrecognizable in sister Kim Kardashian's throwback photos posted for makeup mogul's 24th birthday

KYLIE Jenner looked unrecognizable in a series of adorable throwback photos shared by her sister Kim Kardashian in honor of her 24th birthday.

The makeup mogul launched her new 24k gold birthday collection makeup line earlier today.

Kylie, 24, looked completely different in a slew of photos shared by her sister Kim, 40, for her birthday.

In the first image, the famous sisters held up peace signs while seated on a private plane during Kylie's pre-teen years.

In the next shot, the duo stuck out their tongues while wearing plaid, leather, and dark black eyeliner.

In another throwback pic, Kylie and Kim made a duck face as they looked much younger and more natural.

The mother of four then posted a photo alongside her baby sister as the two wore matching headbands while in their teens and 20s.

Kim even shared an image with Kylie as a child, as she looked substantially different than her current full-glam appearance.

The KKW Beauty founder closed out the collection with some more modern shots alongside her little sister.

The two posed for a recent photoshoot with matching haircuts and outfits, looking very similar.

They laid by the pool in tiny bikinis showing off their famous figures.

Kim captioned her post: "Happy birthday Ky!!! I love you so much! You will always be my baby sis and I'm here for you no matter what!"


Kylie celebrated her 24th birthday with the launch of her new 24k gold makeup line.

The reality star also received extravagant gifts from family and friends as she rang in the special day.

The TV personality's presents included 12 "real roses" dipped in 24-carat gold dispersed through a massive white rose display on her Instagram stories.

The luxurious gift was sent to Kylie by fellow beauty business leader, Sevana Petrosian.

Sevana founded the SEV Laser which specializes in hair removal, skin tightening and injectables (botox and derma fillers), and other treatments.

The roses were accompanied with a certificate of authenticity that read: "This certificate of authenticity carries a guarantee that this rose is made of real rose, which has been handcrafted and preserved through [a] 66-step process then dipped in 24k gold to remain forever gold."

Kylie has been sharing a sexy photoshoot in honor of her new makeup collection, showing off her toned body in gold shiny paint.

The mother of one leaned against a large gold cube as she modeled in her revealing outfit.

The former child star wore a gold bra and tiny gold skirt that showed off her abs.

"I’m wearing my brand-new body glow here that I can’t wait for you guys to experience," she captioned the shots, promoting her new products.

Fans have speculated for months that Kylie is pregnant with her second child after she reunited with her ex Travis Scott in April.

However, the beauty founder squashed rumors recently by filming herself eating fish and drinking an alcoholic seltzer drink.

Kylie has also disproven baby speculation by showing off her curves in skin-tight dresses and drinking red wine with her pals.

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