Kate Garraway reveals her kids are watching her NTAs win at home with Derek Draper

KATE Garraway's husband Derek Draper watched their National Television Awards victory at home with the help of his two children.

The Good Morning Britain presenter became the first person to take home the win for best authored documentary for Finding Derek – a heartbreaking film that depicted her family's life after her husband was struck down with coronavirus.

While he survived, he was placed in a coma for months, and now faces years of rehabilitation, some of which was captured for the film.

Following an emotional standing ovation by the entire O2 Arena at this year's awards, Kate has revealed that, while she hoped he would be able to attend with her, Derek is watching at home with their two children, Darcey and Billy.

Speaking in the winners' room, she said: "I wasn’t sure about coming not because I’m not extraordinarily proud of it but it felt a strange time to be leaving the family and I’ve been feeling very sad about Derek."

"Derek’s going to hear about this award tonight – I need to phone home but my phone's back there," she said.

"The kids are in the room with Derek, we have the TVs rigged up but I don’t know how much he’s been able to see or been awake for."

At the ceremony, Kate, was supported by her friends and co-workers in the audience, and took a moment on the stage to regain her composure.

She said: “Thank you so much for voting. I wonder if the reason you did because our story is your story.

“We’ve all been touched by the pandemic. Whether it’s livelihood, mental health, all the other extraordinary documentaries which have been highlighted and nominated tonight, they have also been affected by the pandemic.”

“I want to say to all the other Darceys and Billys and Dereks — whatever you’re going through and however you are affected, you are not forgotten," she continued.

“We want the joy back. We want it to be over. But if you are still living with the scares. The fight goes on. But of course, most of all, Derek. Who should be here.

“Who should have the chance to tell his story, Derek, you are going to get the chance. Believe. The hope is real.”

The National Television Awards is available on ITV Player.

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