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KARDASHIAN fans have caught Kourtney in a big lie after she enforces a strict no junk food ban on her kids.

The Hulu star and fans have been going back and forth since the comment was originally made.

In the latest move, Kardashian fans reposted a photo of Kourtney, 43, indulging in the same deep-fried treat she's banned her children from consuming.

The photo shows a leather jacket garbed Kourtney happily munching on a pair of crispy McDonald's French fries.

The French fries carton lies nearly empty on the table in front of her as a packet of sweet 'n sour sauce rests beside it.

Fans were quick to respond to Kourtney's deceit, rushing to the post's comment thread to share their take on the perceived lie.


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One person wrote: "I mean, I understand not letting your kids have certain things, but to then post yourself indulging within such a short timeframe of saying that?

They continued, "Like didn't she just tell the world she doesn't want her kids eating them bc they're 'garbage?'"

A second fan commented: "I hope Mason shows this to his therapist."

Another agreed, writing "For real! What an a-hole to do that to him."

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A fourth person simply stated: "Kourtney is a Karen."

One Redditor joked: "Really weird. The right way to do this is to wait until your kids go to bed, DoorDash McDonald’s, and then leave no evidence that you shame ate $45 worth of fast food."

Others were convinced she ate the fry, with one suspicious fan commenting, "She for sure did not eat that French fry. Her eyes are all bugged out like she’s scared and it looks like she is removing the fry from her mouth."

Another person agreed, adding "she spat it out. Travis ate the rest of those fries."

Referencing the couple's excessive amount of PDA, a third commenter wrote: "She prob spat the fries in his mouth lol."

A fourth fan one-up'd the previous commenter, chiming "He probably ate the fries from in between her toes," referring to Kourtney's husband Travis Barker's obsession with her feet.


Before the McDonald's pic, Kourtney had responded to fan outrage over her confession regarding the extreme ban she's placed on her kids.

Kourtney addressed fan backlash directly when she responded to an Instagram comment.

The commenter wrote: "Girl can you please let Mason eat some McDonald's Frech fries?"

Replying to the fan's plea for her 12-year-old's fried potato cravings, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum stated: "It was Reign, and we love and eat lots of French fries, but we do try to avoid fast food French fries!

Kourtney then proceeded to list "French Fries Ingredients" including, potatoes, vegetable oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, and natural beef flavor."

She also named "sodium acid pyrophosphate" as an ingredient with its purpose being to "maintain color" and "wheat and milk derivatives."

A fan reposted the comment to a Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board, where more fans weighed in on Kourtney's defense of her fast food denial.

One fan commented: "Obviously, homemade french fries are 'healthier' than from a takeaway chain, but that's not the issue here, the issue is how she projects her bad relationship with food onto her kids."

A second person wrote: "Yes healthy ones are the best but my gosh every once [in a] while McDonald’s fries won’t kill him."

Another commenter added: "She seriously taught her kids to think of people as 'bad people' if they eat junk food."

"But I'm pretty sure she said in the interview it was Mason and now she's saying it was Reign because she doesn't want to bring too much attention to Mason," chimed a fourth.

While a fifth Redditor stated: "To be fair, the author of the article may have assumed Mason as the son she was referring to rather than Reign. 


The French fries drama began during Kourtney's interview with The Wall Street Journal.

The Poosh founder answered a variety of questions about her much-anticipated new health-based venture.

In answering the questions, the LA native explained the motivation behind her drive to start a vitamin company.

She admitted, to The Wall Street Journal, that her fitness journey began when she had her children Mason, 12, Penelope 10, and Reign, 7, with her ex Scott Disick, 39.

Kourtney then revealed that she has a strict policy concerning junk food and diets for her children at home.

When questioned on whether she feels her kids are deprived of savory and sugary treats, she responded: "Today I was having one-on-one time with Mason and he said, 'Mom, I need McDonald's fries today, please.'"

He reasoned, "It's been a year since I've had it."

Kourtney explained that she remained steadfast in her health conviction, responding "Today's not the day, sorry."


Fans took to online forums to discuss Kourtney's parenting choices.

One critic posted: "The poor kid just wants SOME sense of NORMAL."

Another agreed and posted: "Right? That's so sad. The kid just wants some d**n French fries."

A third fan slammed: "Good job to Kourtney for forever screwing up her kids' relationship with food."

Yet a fourth said: "I can’t believe she thinks this sort of parenting skill is something to boast about."

A fifth shared: "Honestly, she's not helping her kids by doing that. Once Mason is old enough to drive himself she won't be able to stop him.

"Better to teach him it's okay to have it every once in a while."

Yet a sixth fan concluded: "It’s amazing to teach your kids to eat [healthily] and enjoy healthy foods, but being overly extreme or restrictive is just going to create problems."

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