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VIEWERS of BBC Breakfast were left confused this morning after a technical glitch forced Jon Kay to apologise.

The handy red clock which displays the current time for early risers at home disappeared from view at around 6:26am this morning. 

Breakfast host Jon was quickly forced to apologise as he admitted the blunder had been causing ‘chaos’. 

Alongside his co-host Nina Warhusrt, Jon declared, ‘our clock’s broken’ as he held up his hands in disbelief. 

TV presenter Nina continued: “Well its disappeared, our clock has disappeared.”

The blunder wreaked havoc for watchers at home who rely on the digital clock placed in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen to keep them up to date with what time they are up to in a morning. 

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The hosts admitted the technical fault had prompted a raft of viewers to alert the station of the error and to air their panic. 

A dumbfounded Jon said:  “It’s causing chaos for lots of you this morning.

“You’ve been in touch this morning saying you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what the time is.”

Quick-thinking Jon was able to offer a temporary remedy however for the panicked viewers at home. 

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Leaning across the table, Jon picked up his phone and said: “If you haven’t got a clock in the house, or a phone, the time is 6:26am.”

His co-star Nina quickly remarked: “Well done Jon.”

Continuing to poke fun at the embarrising blunder, he added: “I’ll just keep this here all morning for you. I’ll keep reminding you, I’m now the talking clock!”

Nina then issued a more formal apopolgy to the fans at home as she admitted they were investigating the problem.

She said: “Apologies for that. We are working on it. We’re going to try and get the clock back this morning but we will update you on the time as and when.”

After cutting to a local new bulletin, the presenters were once again seen in-vision in the studio once again albeit still without the infamous clock. 

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Jon said, ‘Good morning! We’ve got the… Oh, no, we haven’t got the clock back,’ upon realising the digital ticker was still absent.

The blunder was quickly resolved however as it flashed up on the screen causing an excited Nina to shriek, ‘Oh, there she is,’ after a moment of stunned silence from the two veteran hosts after being momentarily unsure what to do as a result of the missing clock.

Jon jibed: “We’ve got it back! It’s half past six. Okay, calm down. We’re back to normal.”

A relived Nina added: “We can start properly now, can’t we?” 

The clock then appeared to remain in place throughout the rest of the programme. 

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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