Joey Essex fans praise star as he reveals he has depression like his mum after struggling to cope with her suicide

JOEY Essex fans praised the grieving star who tonight revealed he has depression like his late mum.

The 30-year-old has opened up in a moving BBC documentary about struggling to cope with her suicide 20 years on.

His mum Tina lost her battle with depression in 2001, ­when Joey was just ten years old.

Tonight in Joey Essex: Grief and Me, the reality star choked up as he relived the devastating moment his dad told him "mummy's gone".

Joey said: "After what happened, my life was torn to pieces. My anxiety was through the roof, my depression.

"I used to go to hospital all the time thinking something was wrong with me. I don't know why, I couldn't explain it.

"It was anger I suppose. You ask yourself, 'why, why, why'."

Fans were moved to tears by Joey's frank conversation as he admits "nothing makes him happy".

One said: "Want to give Joey Essex the biggest hug right now. There really is no pain bigger than losing your mum xx."

Another added: "What a man strong man you are. She is always with you."

Someone else said: "This is a hard watch #griefandme – I’ve lost 2 people I loved very much to suicide. The pain it leaves behind."

The tragedy has left deep-rooted scars, as Joey admits the grief is killing his dream of starting a family and finding true love.

He has kept it all bottled up – until now.

Determined to do something to help him be able to become a husband and dad.

Joey says: "I just think to myself: If she loved me that much, why would she leave me?

“I’ve had loads of relationships but I always end up pushing them away.

“Imagine if I was with someone and I had kids with them and I really did love that person and then she left me. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m already thinking we’re gonna break up before we’re together. I’m pushing it away."

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