Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump's Dueling Town Hall on Debate Night

Thursday was supposed to be the night when President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held their second debate for the presidential race in a town hall-style event on ABC. But after Trump refused to follow the virtual town hall format that was put in place after he contracted Covid-19, the President set up his own town hall event on NBC — at the exact same time as Biden’s.

Jimmy Kimmel, ABC’s late-night host, spent his Thursday night monologue criticizing both the President’s decision, as well as the rival network, which used to be home to Trump’s infamous reality show, The Apprentice. “While many are wondering why NBC would schedule this at the same time as Biden’s town hall instead of on another night, or even just in another time slot so we could see what both candidates have to say, the answer to the question is, NBC sucks,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel called the event “a beautiful reunion,” and joked that this was a sign that Trump would be returning home to NBC’s reality TV lineup after leaving the White House. (Cue a fake NBC promo that edited Trump in as a judge on America’s Got Talent.) He even suggested that the dueling debates could become reality TV themselves: “Even though they were a thousand miles apart, I kept fantasizing about a surprise WrestleMania moment where Biden runs out behind Trump and bangs him over the head with a folding chair.”

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