Jesse Palmer Says Some Major 'Bachelorette' Rules Are Broken This Season

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette is going down tonight (or, like, right now depending on when you’re reading this), and expect it to look very different. Mostly because ABC cast two leads, and we’ll be following both their “love journeys” (atop a yacht in Europe, no less).

And host Jesse Palmer says the new format means the show won’t be playing by the usual rules.

Rachel and Gabby are dating the same pool of men, and as a result said pool is super-sized. Like, the biggest in Bachelorette history. “Having to navigate a giant group of men and to do it at the same time,” Jesse said, “they’re gonna need to support each other and really lean on each other in a lot of moments.”

He emphasized that this season is “not about them competing,” but is instead “about them supporting each other, with the ultimate goal of finding love.” As he put it, “Because this is such a unique situation and a unique environment, they’re gonna need to make decisions that we’re not accustomed to always seeing. This is gonna be a journey that they have not yet experienced before.”

Gabby and Rachel also emphasized the friendship vibes this season in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, with Rachel saying “This is just so different from anything everyone’s ever seen, and not only do they get to see two love stories, but they get to see our friendship as well, so I’m excited for them to kind of get an inside on that as well as the love stories, it’s just gonna be really great.”

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