Jay fears for dizzy Lola ahead of sad EastEnders death

Romance is flourishing for EastEnders’ recently reunited Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and the love of her life Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).

But, as they contemplate going public with their decision to get back together, tragedy looms with reports that Lola will die after it was confirmed she would be diagnosed with a brain tumour.

EastEnders is working with charities on the storyline which will commence later this month.

But before tragedy strikes, Lola and Jay have big hopes for the future together.

Their on/off romance has been a staple of the show for many years; with them finding themselves in one another’s radars more than once.

And no matter how many others they try a romance with (we don’t talk about Honey and Jay, okay?), this pair is clearly OG.

Which is going to make it all the more harder for Jay to potentially lose Lola.

As it stands, Lola is enthused to be back with Jay but, given their previous splits, she is reluctant to go public just yet.

Particularly where daughter Lexi is concerned. Lola wants to test the waters and see how things go with Jay before sharing the reunion with her child.

However, the news starts to drip out as they tell Martin Fowler (James Bye) about the reunion.

In a new episode picture, we see Lola suddenly take a dizzy spell and, while she dismisses it, fans will know that it’s an unsettling sign of a tragedy to come.

These scenes air on Monday October 17 at 7:30pm on BBC One.

On taking on the storyline, Danielle Harold said: ‘It means so much to be trusted with a storyline like this – one that’s close to many people’s hearts.

‘Sadly many of our viewers will be able to relate to Lola’s story and it’s been heartbreaking to speak to the families affected by brain tumours and hear their stories.

‘They’ve been so amazing in sharing their experiences with me, and I’m so lucky to have them. I wouldn’t be able to do this storyline without their support.’

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer added: ‘It was vital for us to work alongside Macmillan and Brain Tumour Research to take on, and accurately present, such a profound and emotional storyline for Lola, one that many viewers may relate to.

‘Danielle has thoughtfully relayed the realities of being diagnosed with a brain tumour with grace and understanding.

‘We hope that this storyline resonates with the audience, and that we represent it as sensitively, and accurately as possible.’

You can find out more information about brain tumours, case studies, research and funding by visiting the Brain Tumour Research website.

You can find information and support by visiting Macmillan Cancer Support’s website.

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