James Martin urged to ‘hurry up’ by crew during cooking segment ‘Somebody in my ear!’

James Martin told off after interrupting conversation with blender

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James Martin welcomed country-pop duo Ward Thomas onto his Saturday Morning show this weekend. The TV chef chatted to the country singers about their latest album while whipping up some tasty treats for them on the ITV cooking show. However, when he accidentally interrupted the conversation with a noisy blender, James was forced to confess he’d been told to “hurry up” by a member of the crew.

Twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas talked about their genre and what it’s like to make country music in the UK.

James chatted to the duo about their time in America, asking them how their music has been received in the US.

“Well, at first we thought we’d turn up and they’d go ‘What do these British people know about Country music’,” Catherine explained.

James commented: “You must have got that though a little bit?”

Catherine continued: “Well, I thought that. But, I think the majority of the reception was sort of the fact that they were so excited that people over in the UK wanted to be a part of their music and wanted to have their own interpretation of it.”

Lizzie chimed in: “I guess, also, what we were writing about in our music was what we’ve experienced as well.

“I think that’s different because we’re writing from our own experiences rather than, like, we don’t have cowboys in the UK,” she remarked.

“Not yet!” James joked. “Not yet in Hampshire, but we’re close.”

Lizzie laughed: “I’m kind of wearing almost a cowboy hat. Yeah, lots of tractors…”

However, the singer was then interrupted mid-sentence by James using a noisy blender.

“Sorry I’m just blending… I didn’t mean to do this over the conversation, but I’ve got somebody in my ear going, ‘hurry up’,” the chef confessed.

Lizzie and Catherine burst out laughing as the chef tried desperately to get his cooking segment back on track.

“This is the pears and I’ve just blended this up with a little bit of elderflower cordial,” James explained.

“It smells delicious,” Lizzie said, complimenting the chef.

When he eventually finished cooking, James revealed his completed dish to the singers.

He said: “It’s been a pleasure talking to you for the time that we’ve had, but we’ll have another chat later on.

“You’re going to stick around, but there you have it,” he said, as he placed the dishes on the counter.

“So, while we were chatting I made these little gin and elderflower panna cottas with poached pears, caramelised bits of hazelnuts, and pistachio nuts, and that’s the job done. Easy as that,” he concluded.

“That is delicious!” Lizzie exclaimed, as she tucked into the dish. “That’s really refreshing.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV.

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