James Martin slapped down by chef for very naughty move

James Martin assures viewers he’s washed his hands

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James Martin was back in his kitchen on Saturday morning (February 24) to serve up a plate of sea bass for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Scarlette Douglas. Elsewhere on the ITV programme, James helped cookery writer Lesley rustle up a delicious crispy chorizo and chicken dish. However, she ended up scolding him for putting far too much fat on the food.

Lesley, who is the proud owner of Lesley Waters Cookery School in Dorset, asked James to cut up some apples and put them in the oven for her chicken and chorizo meal’s sauce.

All was going well as she asked him to leave the skin on the apples, but the cooking took an awkward turn moments later.

James was holding a saucepan with a lot of sizzling fat in it and appeared reluctant to pour it away.

“I don’t want the fat, I want you to pour that away,” Lesley snapped. “You can put in a little bit, but not too much.”

“Not too much,” she repeatedly warned James, who is known for having a penchant for adding butter to his recipes.

“That’s enough, that’s enough,” Lesley fumed as he continued to add fat to the dish. “He’s very naughty.”

James pulled a face at the camera after being scolded by Lesley and he tried to move the conversation forward.

“Which was the bit of the recipe you nicked?” James asked, to which she replied: “I have to admit, every bit of this recipe I have nicked.”

James and the team started to laugh, but she insisted she was just being “honest”.

Lesley continued asking James to help compile the dish and later told him off for adding too much watercress to the plate.

“I just can’t tell him – give that to me,” she quipped as she made the finishing touches to the chicken. “Did you hear that? Get off, get off.”

Lesley then completed her chorizo-crusted chicken with an apple and sage cassoulet.

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James was eager to taste the meal, with Lesley advising him to get a little bit of everything on his fork.

Following his first mouthful, he said: “That’s a happy chef you see, that’s two happy chefs.

“It’s great, I love the chorizo, it’s delicious. It’s chef food I’d call it.”

He and the team gave Lesley a round of applause before going on to show viewers how to cook the perfect chicken kiev.

Fans were quick to comment on Lesley’s appearance on the ITV show as James said he and the chef have known each other for a long time.

Dave Brown said: Aww how amazing to see @LWCookerySchool on @sat_jamesmartin. I’ve not seen her on TV for ages, thank you @jamesmartinchef, love her.” (sic)

Jill Gibson joked: “James is being a naughty man this morning, loves his butter.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning continues next Saturday at 9.30am on ITV.

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