James Bond death – 007 reboot director explains how Bond 26 can still make sense

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Martin Campbell is unique among James Bond directors having introduced the world to a new 007 star twice.

The 79-year-old helmed the last two reboots in the spy film franchise with Pierce Brosnan’s GoldenEye and Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale.

Now the hunt is on for the next Bond star and the director has admitted he’d be open to kicking off a new 007’s tenure for a third time.

However, Bond 26 will be a unique new beginning for the franchise given that the outgoing star dared to actually kill off Ian Fleming’s spy.

This is uncharted territory for EON Productions, whose last big reboot introduced Craig’s Bond pre-007 status. Nevertheless, Campbell believes the new start will make sense regardless of who directs the next movie.

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Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk to promote The London Action Film Festival, Campbell said: “To be honest, it was fine for me. He gets killed off, which is fine because when they do the next Bond, they’ll completely ignore the fact that he was killed off and Bond will keep going.

“It’s so simple. There’s no explanation required is there? Daniel Craig was Bond and now the next guy is alive. They’re not going to have a problem with that.”

What the director seemed to be explaining was the Bond multiverse theory, that the way to make sense of it is that the new 007 is in a world or reality that’s different to the one Craig’s incarnation died in.

The Casino Royale director also shared his thoughts on No Time To Die and what he thought the movie “missed”.

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Campbell said of No Time To Die: “I thought it was interesting. I mean I had mixed reactions to the film.

“I thought there was some very good stuff in it. I missed a little bit of the humour I think.

“Probably some of the stunts weren’t as imaginative as some of the other Bonds. But nevertheless, he made a terrific Bond, there’s no question about that.”

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