It misses the mark!’ Beverley Turner savages Meghan Markle over ‘cringe’ birthday video

Meghan Markle birthday video 'unfunny and cringey' says panel

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The initiative, which marks Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday, has been launched to inspire mentors to help get women back into the workplace. Discussing the campaign on This Morning, TV presenter Beverley Turner described the video Meghan released to promote this, which features actress friend Melissa McCarthy as “missing the mark” while Matthew Wright labelled it “cringey”.

The video shows Meghan explaining to the actress she is asking 40 people to donate 40 minutes of their time mentoring women to get them back into work.

“We know that so any women across the world have lost their jobs,” Beverley began.

“But there’s so much Meghan Markle in this. I was personally surprised that’s 40 because in many ways, so much of what she says and does seems like somebody with much less wisdom than should be held by a woman who is actually 40.”

Continuing the brutal commentary, she added: “And also we realise that she’s just not very funny.

“It just wasn’t funny at all, I know it’s this idea that she takes the mickey out of herself, it’s quite self deprecating.

“But it’s just hammy and it misses the mark and when she started by saying to Melissa McCarthy ‘I’ve got an idea’, it just felt like there must be meetings that go on every week with her people where she starts a meeting like that and everyone goes ‘oh what’s she going to say now’.”

“Melissa McCarthy, Matthew, is a big name,” Ruth Langsford cut in, turning to Matthew Wright for his take.

“And they seem to be queueing up to be involved with anything she does.”

“She is a big name,” the 56-year-old former journalist remarked. “And I’m kind of really torn about it because of everything Beverley’s just said about it.

“It is kind of naff – the comedy is a bit cringey but the message that she’s getting out there about how women have been affected by COVID is a really important one.”

He continued: “And frankly, if it wasn’t for Meghan Markle doing it, we wouldn’t have shown it, and some viewers may not be aware that the problem exists and needs tackling.

“So she’s getting her message out there – the problem I have is I’m not sure that these A-listers show any way of how we’re going to mentor people.

“I don’t know, privileged people get access to media that allows important things to be discussed, but watching privileged people doing it is a bit cringey, isn’t it?”

Viewers were quick to give their view on the debate, with many taking to Twitter to defend Meghan.

One wrote: ” I think we have established that Bev really does not like Meghan Markle #ThisMorning.”

Another penned: “So much Meghan Markle”? Well it is her bday. There’s literally NOTHING Meghan can do right in the eye of obsessive UK critics. Let her be. Why do we even need to judge the “quality of comedy”? She’s addressing a serious issue & u have the nerve to question her “wisdom” #thismorning.”

“#ThisMorning slating Meghan to the ground again. Obviously the video she put out wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, why they analysing every second of it?” a third questioned.

Someone else argued: “Just say you don’t like meghan markle & move on #thismorning.”

““There’s a lot of Meghan Markle in this” in a segment about Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday #ThisMorning,” another posted.

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