Innocent ending explained: Who Killed Matty?

INNOCENT had viewers hooked with it's tale about a murdered schoolboy and a woman wrongly accused of killing him.

The ITV drama had us gripped, but there was one question on everyone's lips – who killed Matty?

Who killed Matty?

WARNING: Contains major spoilers from the ending of Innocent season two.

The season finale saw viewers finally find out who killed 16-year-old schoolboy Matty.

In the final scenes Sally discovered that it was her ex husband Sam who not only murdered Matty, but was also having an affair with the teenager.

What made matters worse was she found out when her and Sam were about to get back together and start a new life.

She made the discovery about the affair after finding a note from Matty which confirmed it.

In the meantime, DCI Mike Braithwaite and his team were also closing in on Sam.

Sally then confronted her ex-husband, who told that he had fallen in love with Matty and had a sexual realtionship with him.

He told her he tried to end things with Matty on the day he died, but the teen reacted badly, and said he would accuse him of child abuse.

Then in the middle of a heated argument with Matty about his decision, he killed the student with a bottle and let his wife Sally take the blame.

Next we saw DCI Brathwaite arrest Sam, and Sally moving away to start a new life.

Did fans predict the ending?

It turns out fans did get it right – although they thought Sam killed Matty because he was jealous of his relationship with his wife Sally, rather than the other way around.

After the penultimate episode, viewers took to Twitter to say they thought it was Sam.

This one said: "£5 says it’s Sam Wright #Innocent"

Another tweeted: "Did Sam hear the rumours that sally and Matt had been seen by Anna… went to confront matty and ended up killing him.

"Let his wife take the wrap as he blamed her for cheating.. but now feel remorseful.. #innocent"

This one commented: "Well last night I thought it was Bethany and now I think it was Sam #innocent."

This viewer hit the nail on the head: "Sam is the murderer. He was happy for his ex to take the blame and now he is framing his fiance for it #innocent"

Will there be another season?

Innocent has proved a big hit with fans.

There are currently no plans in the works for season three as of yet, but that could change.

Season one aired in May 2018 with the next series not announced until September 2018, so it may be a few months before ITV announces another run of the hit show.

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