‘I’m bawling!’ Call the Midwife fans break down over candid cervical cancer storyline

Call the Midwife: Sister Frances delivers bad news to a patient

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Call the Midwife viewers watched heartbreaking scenes on Sunday night as a woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The BBC period drama saw Sister Frances (played by Ella Bruccoleri) deliver the devastating news to Mrs Janis Cowper after noticing problems during a smear test. The emotional storyline left fans in tears as they took to Twitter to praise the show for tackling such an important topic.

Viewers were overcome with emotion when Sister Frances broke the heartbreaking news.

She explained: “I’m afraid the tests confirmed you have significant cervical cancer.

“The good news is, thanks to your diligence we’ve caught it early.

“With prompt treatment, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll make a full recovery,” Sister Frances said.

“What kind of treatment?” The patient questioned.

Sister Frances explained: “You will need an operation.”

“To remove the cancer?” Mrs Cowper asked, with the nurse replying: “Yes.”

“Then I’ll be cured?” Mrs Cowper added.

Sister Frances commented: “That’s what we’d expect, yes.”

“So, I’ll be able to have children then?” Mrs Cowper asked, hopefully.

However, Sister Frances shook her head and said: “The doctors need to perform a radical hysterectomy Mrs Cowper.

“I’m afraid they need to remove your womb,” she explained.

While watching the emotional story unfold, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Many confessed the dramatic plotline had left them reaching for their tissues.

“Oh for God’s sake. It’s not even twenty minutes in and I’m bawling. #CallTheMidwife,” @KittyLGallagher wrote.

“Crying already! Really shows how important cervical screening tests are and how important detecting cancers at the early stage are. Even then it’s still heartbreaking. #CallTheMidwife,” @ReshmaSofia added.

@cjc_cj commented: “Its going to be a crying my eyes out episode, isn’t it. @CallTheMidwife1 #CallTheMidwife.” [Sic]

Meanwhile, other viewers praised Call the Midwife for raising awareness of cervical cancer.

“Being told you will never have children can be devastating news when you’re young with your entire life ahead of you. Discovering you have cervical cancer is a double blow. Kudos to @CallTheMidwife1 for tackling this difficult subject. #CallTheMidwife,” @NomadicWriter said.

Call the Midwife airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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