Im A Celebs Nicola McLean spills on Katie Price feud after copying row

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!'s Nicola McLean tells of a fiery clash between her and fellow Page 3 icon Katie Price.

Talking exclusively to the Daily Star, Nicola said: "Yeah are good pals now, we talk a lot, we always say we need to see each other and whatnot.

"She was the best glamour there was in the UK and we all looked up to her. I think I was like 3rd in the UK but she was at the top. I always thought she was great.

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"But when I went into the jungle I got a boob job before I went in, and I came out and I heard she called me annoying which frustrated me and I bit back and called her an idiot.

"I don't know where it came from but maybe it was a more territorial thing because she was a glamour model, and I was, she went into the jungle, then I did, she dated a footballer and so did I. So I get it.

"But yeah we did clash for a bit but it didn't really last that long and as I said I think she is great. She is an inspiration really to me and so many other girls.

"Nobody could touch her in her prime as Jordan, she was the best there was, she was unbelievable."

In the unearthed YouTube clip, Nicola referred to, she could be heard saying: "Tom and I are definitely in talks of a reality show and we are so going to take over from Katie and Peter. Tom is hotter than peter and I'm way funnier than Katie.

"The weirdest rumour I've ever heard is that I mimicked Katie Price when she was in the jungle which is a really odd thing to say because I wouldn't be mimicking her even if it was paying me a million pounds."

Nicola has also branded Katie the 'queen' of the ITV show's sexy shower scenes.

The star, 41, said: "I'd say Katie Price is the top but that's totally my look. I love her so I'd say Katie Price.

"People go on about Myleene Klass but I like the silicone look, don't I? So I'd say Katie Price and me. Yes, I would I'd say us two had the best."

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