‘Ill get you back’ James Martin co-star issues warning to chef after high-risk stunt

Brian Turner tells James Martin ‘I’ll get you back’

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TV Chef James Martin, 49, returned home to his native Yorkshire for another episode of his show James Martin’s Islands To Highlands, on ITV. He was joined by good friend and multi-award-winning chef Brian Turner, 75, where he had organised a unique activity for him, giving him the experience of a lifetime. However, it’s safe to say Brian wasn’t overjoyed with the stunt, admitting he had doubts he’d survive to “tell the story”.

Introducing Brian, James said: “I’m touring my homeland – glorious Yorkshire with fellow local and top chef Brian Tuner and I wanna make sure he has a day to remember.

“So, I’ve arranged for him to head deep into the wilds to try something new. He’s meeting James Ardron from the Coniston Off-Road Centre, who’s going to be putting Brian through his paces.”

The camera then turned to James and Brian, with the instructor asking the chef: “Hiya, Brian, how are you doing? You alright?” 

“How am I? I’m petrified!” Brian joked as he nervously awaited what James had in store.

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James continued: “Obviously, you’re here for the off-roading, a little bit of 4×4, as you can see we’ve got quite a lot to have a go at here.”

“We’re not gonna do all that, are we?” Brian asked, to which James laughed and replied: “Gonna do quite a lot of it!”

The track that Brian was about to embark on is known to put the drivers to their limits as they have to navigate steep hills, high-sided inclines and rocky landscapes.

After racing through most of the track, Brian came to a halt when he got himself, the car and James Ardron stuck on some concrete steps.


“Now, just on the other side of this brow are some concrete steps,” James explained, with Brian joking: “Well, what silly beggar put them there, for goodness sake?!”

After successfully getting down the steps, it was time for Brian to reverse back up the steps, which is where he got himself into a mess.

Guiding Brian in the right direction, James said: “That’s it, and a bit of gas. Push it in, keep it going, keep it going all the way!”

“Hell’s teeth!” Brian exclaimed as he was thrown about inside the car but he eventually reached the top of the stairs once more.

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Having been battered by excursion, Brian was less than happy when he reunited with his giggling pal, snapping at the TV chef: “I will get you back, James Martin!”

“What was wrong with it?” James asked.

“Trust me, nothing was wrong with it, it was wonderful,” Brian admitted. “I enjoyed it.”

However, Brian admitted he was left fearing for his safety as he added: “But there were moments when I doubted I’d be able to tell the story.”

As the pair walked off and shared a laugh, James mocked: “Anyway, my next series is gonna be skydiving.”

“I think that’s a really good idea,” Brian remarked. “You could be my parachute. 

Taking a shot at himself and Brian, James said: “Maybe we should just stick to what we both do best – cooking.”

James’ last dish of the episode was cooked on a barbeque in a field, where he showed viewers how amazing the view of Yorkshire fields are.

He cooked up a pork stew and used salamis and chorizo that he acquired earlier in the episode.

James Martin’s Islands To Highlands airs every Monday at 8pm on ITV. 
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