How Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Mary Cosby Really Got So Rich

One bright spot of 2020 was the premiere of Bravo’s latest Housewives spinoff, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. (And we are sure thankful for that!) The array of ladies, complete with chilly demeanors and diva attitudes, quickly became a fan favorite. Their arguments over religious clashes, divorces, and fashion faux pas brought the “salt”-iness back to Utah — and added a whole new crop of Housewives drama to the franchise. Even though Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is about to wrap its first season in February 2021, we can’t stop thinking about the wild core cast (and how much money they have in the bank).

Among the most fascinating? Mary Cosby, or “the one who married her grandfather,” as Bravo fans recognize her best. While Mary did in fact wed her step-grandfather through an arranged marriage, that’s not all that she’s known for. Keep scrolling to find out how Mary made her fortune!

Mary Cosby inherited most of her wealth

RHOSLC star Mary Cosby quickly became the most-talked about Housewife after gifting her co-stars Louis Vuitton headphones and bragging about the five homes she owns, as per Bravo’s The Daily Dish. With properties in New York, Indiana, Florida, Utah, and Nevada, Cosby has plenty of space for her abundant wardrobe and passion for shopping. 

Mary has been open about inheriting an empire from her late grandmother, including the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church where Mary works as the First Lady minister. Yet Mary told Entertainment Tonight that she does not make money from the religious organization. “I’m so not in it for the money. Oh my goodness, I believe in what I do, I believe in what I’m saying, and I love my church,” Mary stressed. “Money can’t fulfill that, not for me.” She explained that her family is “blessed” by the money she inherited from her grandmother (including her entire “empire”) — along with her husband Robert Cosby Sr., who co-owns multiple of their shared businesses, including a printing company, per The Daily Dish. 

Mary also seems to be launching perfume and clothing company Marimarta Perfumeria, with a link to the brand in her Instagram bio. Per Distractify, Mary’s net worth is estimated between $3 and $5 million, but Robert’s finances point to upwards of $20 million independent of Mary. Despite appearances, Mary promises that she doesn’t “just have money coming out of the walls,” but fans of RHOSLC have seen otherwise! 

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