Holly Willoughby rips into Jeremy Hunts childcare plan

Jeremy Hunt defends pensions tax break

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Following the budget, Jeremy Hunt joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning to address concerns from viewers and about his plans for the economy. Under the Chancellor’s plans, parents will not be able to access the full 30 hours of free care per week until September 2025, which he claimed was because they need time to set up nurseries and train up child care professionals.But Willoughby did not hold back as she claimed there were previously enough nurseries but they were forced to close down.

Hunt told the This Morning hosts: “What I wanted to say to people yesterday are there are lots of challenges.

“But actually there is a way through this, I’m responsible for the economy and businesses are struggling to recruit.

“Lets break down the barriers that stop people from working.

“I was thinking about mums and dads who want to work but can’t afford child care.”

Hunt went on to claim the increase in free childcare would “happen quite quickly” but added the country needs more “nurseries and child care providers” to offer this help.

He went on to list when parents could expect to be given free childcare to help them return to the workplace quicker.

However, Willoughby pointed out nurseries have been forced to close down in recent years which is what has led to the rising costs of care and competition to get a place for children in nurseries.

“5000 nursery providers have closed down, trying to get a child into your local nursery is so so difficult,” she raged at the Chancellor.

On Wednesday, Hunt told MPs: “I don’t want any parent with a child under five to be prevented from working, if they want to, because it is damaging to our economy and unfair, mainly to women.”

He added those receiving Universal Credit will be paid childcare support up front when they increase their hours.

“Many remain out of work because they cannot afford the upfront payment necessary to access subsidised childcare,” Hunt stated.

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“So for any parents who are moving into work or wants to increase their hours, we will pay their childcare costs upfront.”

While he delivered his plan in parliament, Hunt admitted to Willoughby and Schofield, his daughter wasn’t too impressed.

Rounding off his interview on This Morning, he said: “She said, ‘Daddy, it’s a bit like a pantomime.'”

Many This Morning viewers were not impressed with the interview and took to Twitter to complain.

“Good grief. Jeremy Hunt talking nonsense……again #ThisMorning,” Alethea Bernard complained.

Sarah Chapman tweeted: “Jeremy hunt saying going to build nurseries. Staff is bigger issue. No mention pay increases to get high quality staff. #ThisMorning.”

“I do not understand how Jeremy Hunt can say with a straight face that they are sorting out problems that apparently Labour caused but *checks notes* , it was the Tories who got the country into this mess. #ThisMorning,” Jean Jones continued.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV from 10am.

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