Here's Exactly What Happens Between Brendan and Pieper After Tonight's 'BiP'

Sooooo, in case you couldn’t tell by the trailer for tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode, Pieper James finally hits the beach and it causes allllll kinds of drama for Brendan Morais. But first, quick update for those of you who haven’t been watching: Brendan arrived in Paradise amid rumors that he and Pieper were dating before the show (they were), fully denied it, and then struck up a relationship with Natasha Parker. Except it’s pretty obvious that Natasha thinks Brendan’s just been waiting around for Pieper in this preview:

So…what ends up happening between Brendan and Pieper? Thanks to Reality Steve we know exactly how it’s all going to unfold:

Overnights aren’t for a few more weeks, so it sounds like we’ll get a little bit of time to watch Brendan and Pieper work on their relationship. Either way, they appear to still be dating post-Paradise, and were most recently spotted together on August 21:

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