Hard Cell fans left ‘in tears’ over Catherine Tate finale twist ‘Did not see that coming!

Catherine Tate discusses a possible return to Doctor Who

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Co-created by and starring in multiple roles is former Doctor Who star Catherine Tate in Netflix’s new six-part sitcom, Hard Cell. Set in the fictional prison HMP Woldsley, the mockumentary-style series follows out-of-her-depth governor Laura (played by Catherine Tate) and the lives of its inmates as they deal with some hard-hitting and some rather comical issues behind bars. However, just as each of the characters’ layers began to unfold, it was a shocking twist between the seemingly timid Ange (also Tate) and her fellow inmate Anastasia (Niky Wardley) which stunned audiences.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Hard Cell.

While Laura juggled her “number two” Dean’s (Christian Brassington) jibes, Cheryl Fergison’s (herself) musical production, and the imminent arrival of inmate Charlee’s (Joja Olaijde) baby, Ange had problems of her own in the cells.

Ange gave everyone the impression she was a wrongly imprisoned civilian, vulnerable to her fellow inmates’ intimidation tactics and ended up on resident bully Anastasia’s bad side.

Over the course of six episodes, Ange had been fully integrated and accepted by her inmates while at the same time, Anastasia had also started to come out of her shell and the opportunity to star in the prison’s musical finally gave her a chance to get back on everyone’s good side.

And everything seemed to be running harmoniously as Hard Cell approached its finale – until the musical production got underway.

In a shocking turn of events, Ros (also Tate) inadvertently stabbed Anastasia during a face-off in the play when it transpired the dummy knife had been replaced by a real blade.

Anastasia was left bleeding out on stage while Ros screamed she had no idea the knife was real as she was led away in handcuffs.

It soon transpired that Ange was behind the entire thing as she spoke to the camera after being released earlier that day.

With the help of one of the guards, Ange’s entire innocent demeanour vanished as it became clear she’d plotted to not only kill Anastasia but her evil side also led to her hiding the prized puzzle piece Sal (Caroline Harding) and Cal (Lorna Brown) were missing before they were forced apart.

Ange showed off the dummy knife she’d stolen and replaced before CCTV footage showed how she’d managed to deceive everyone with the butter-wouldn’t-melt behaviour.

The first season of Hard Cell ended before fans could discover the fate of Anastasia but they did see Ange drive away from the prison with her wicked plan now carried out.

And while the stabbing was devastating to the character in the show, it also left Hard Cell fans “crying” and in total shock that Ange would pull off such an evil act.

On Twitter, @WaKimbunga praised writer Tate as they penned: “#CatherineTate is a f**king genius. #HardCell is beautifully written, the cast amazing. She has you laughing, thinking and crying. The ending, priceless.”

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A blindsided @AniiKas added: “I absolutely did not expect to be crying so much during this show. #HardCell.”

While @PunkJesster encouraged: “Ooookay.. if you haven’t seen it yet.. Give #HardCell on @netflix a try – got through the first episode, had some giggles.. but Episode 2!!!! That’s the money RIGHT THERE!! 

“I’m currently typing with tears in my eyes.. Bravo cast and writers.. Bravo!!”

Referring to the ending in particular, @FreyaaGilbert_X said: “My god… what can I say about this series? It’s b****y brilliant!! I laughed and I cried! Catherine is so clever!! What an ending!! #HardCell.”

And @netflixbylee echoed: “Holy s**t the ending of #HardCell! I did not see that coming! #Netflix.”

While @shewasquirky similarly weighed in: “Holy s**t, that ending tho!!! 

“#HardCell. Side note! the emotions Catherine can convey simply with a look, still amazes me.” (Sic)

Fans will have to wait and see if Hard Cell is renewed before they can find out if Anastasia will survive and if Ange will see justice for the attack.

Hard Cell is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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