Hannah Brown Hopes Her Relationship With Luke P. Can Help Other Women In Toxic Relationships

For months now, Bachelor Nation has been concerned about Hannah Brown’s relationship with Luke Parker. Fans have taken to social sites to point out the controversial contestant’s problematic behavior to Brown on an almost daily basis. And when fans aren’t trying to point out Parker’s red flags to the Bachelorette, they’re posting their own personal stories of being in toxic relationships. 

As of last night’s “Men Tell All” episode, Parker has been officially booted from the show. 

He was inconsistent in his interview with host Chris Harrison, in his conversations with the other contestants, and his conversations with Brown. He did apologize to Brown for making “the whole process for you so difficult,” and told his fellow former contestants that he “didn’t like the Luke” he saw on his television screen. But he also said he wouldn’t change any of his behavior if he could go back.

Hannah opens up about the reason she latched onto Luke P. so intensely  

Brown began her interview with Harrison by diving into the root of her relationship with Parker. Like many women in toxic relationships, she says her connection with Parker was born out of insecurity.  

“I will never try to say that the feelings that I had for him weren’t real because they were. It was the closest thing that I had to feeling love at first sight. But I think a lot of that came from being really insecure about being The Bachelorette in the first place. I remember that when I got the call from you I was so excited but also I had this doubt of Oh my gosh are the guys gonna be disappointed? And am I gonna be able to live up to this standard that I thought I had to live up to. And the first night there, there is this huge fear of what your intentions are. That night, Luke made me believe that he was there for me and gave me hope from the beginning, and I held onto it a lot longer than I should have but it gave me safety. Ok, at least one guy’s here for me,” she explained. 

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I want you all to know why I went on this TV show and why I went back for @alabamahannah after she sent me home. I never wanted to go on the show to begin with, my sister in law @hleaparker22 signed me up and I kept an open mind. Going through the interview process I watched Colton’s season and a beautiful southern girl stood out to me during the intro videos. She told the cameras she respected Colton’s virginity and that it was super appealing to her that he was a virgin, and was the bachelor because sex was a big deal to her. I saw her Instagram and in her bio read “I love Jesus with my whole heart”, I was sold and if I was going on this TV show it was for her. I also noticed she told Colton how she wanted to be a wife of Noble character. I knew she was quoting Proverbs 31 which gave me the impression there is a way God could use this show… yes, even the “Bachelorette” as a way to bring him Glory. The first night I made her a Proverbs 31 bracelet then explained to her that I noticed what she said to Colton and I knew where it came from and how important my faith was to me. Shortly after that, I get the first impression rose. On my hometown date I brought Hannah to a bible study with my college church group, where I shared my story of how God transformed my life and gave me a desire to live my life for him in obedience, that included waiting until marriage for sex. Hannah on the date, stands up and tells the group her story of how she was convicted to live a life in pursuit of Jesus. She also told them that she wasn’t going to use the fantasy suites for sex but for conversation, no matter how @abcnetwork made it look. I had to go back and fight for her, I believed in my heart she was making the biggest mistake of her life based on what she was telling me, I wanted her to know that we could get through this and I was here for her. #thebachelorette

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Brown says, looking back, there were so many signs that Parker wasn’t good for her, including the shame he made her feel. 

“Now, looking back, it wasn’t just that moment. I had been blind to everything that had been happening,” she said. “That night, I felt it and saw it for myself and that was when it just snapped for me. Now I’m like I will not put up with this because that’s not love, that’s not what the person I want to spend the rest of my life with’s ever gonna make me feel. I’m so over being slut-shamed and feeling like that makes me not a woman of faith.”

“I’m not gonna stand here and feel that way. You’re not gonna make me feel that way,” she told Parker. 

Why Hannah doesn’t regret her relationship with Luke P. 

Brown says she doesn’t regret her relationship with Parker for a second. Not only did she learn “a lot from the experiences that I went through,” she hopes she can inspire other women in toxic relationships.   

“I don’t regret the way that it happened because I feel like the relationship that I had with Luke, unfortunately, it’s a relationship that a lot of women can relate to. A lot of women have been in toxic relationships and maybe, just maybe, me going through that and being able to remember my worth and figure that out for myself can help somebody that’s in that now see the signs of that and, ultimately, that makes me realize that I don’t have regrets because that was worth all of it,” she said to an audience full of cheering women. 

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