Grease prequel movie Summer Lovin’ gets EXCITING new update for fans

Last year, a Danny and Sandy origins movie was announced. The new Grease prequel movie is set in the summer before John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s characters were reunited at Rydell High. Titled Summer Lovin’, the film will cover what the lyrics of the song Summer Nights summarised.

And now an exciting update has landed in the Grease prequel’s director being announced.

According to Deadline, Paramount have hired Brett Haley to direct Summer Lovin’.

The film will be Haley’s first big studio movie after a couple of indies.

He’s previously directed I’ll See You in My Dreams, The Hero and Hearts Beat Loud.


  • Grease REUNION: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John back as Danny, Sandy

Haley also helmed Elle Fanning and Justice Smith’s All the Bright Places.

And he previously worked with Summer Lovin’ co-screenwriter Temple Hill on Netflix’s upcoming Sorta Like a Rock Star.

While Hill wrote the Grease prequel with Leah McKendrick.

Grease, based on the 1971 musical of the same name, hit cinemas back in 1978 to great acclaim.

Grease made a whopping $396 million at the box office on a budget of just $6 million.

While a less well received sequel in Grease 2 arrived in 1982, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield.

Last year, the original stars dressed up as Danny and Sandy for a 40th anniversary Grease reunion.

Travolta wore his black leather jacket, while Newton-John was in that famous skirt and cardigan for the opening night of Meet ’N’ Grease at West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Travolta sported a Danny quiff toupee, while Newton-John wore Bad Sally’s black leather from Grease’ finale during a Q&A.

Olivia posted on Instagram: “First time in costume since we made the movie ! So excited!!”

Meanwhile, Travolta shared videos of the event, with one showing him looking at the huge audience.

The amazed star said: “Grease is still the word. Man!”

A couple of years ago a popular fan theory sprouted that Danny and Sandy were dead for the entire Grease movie after drowning at the beach.

Fans on Reddit have highlighted how Summer Nights ends with the line “goodbye to Sandra Dee”, suggesting she’s in the process of drowning.

The Reddit user’s other piece of evidence is the all-too-perfect ending in Grease.

They wrote: “Danny and Sandy are back together despite everything. Rizzo suddenly isn’t pregnant and Kenickie suddenly decides that he actually loves her [and] the geeky kid gets onto the sports team. EVERYTHING is suddenly ok, just the way that sweet, innocent Sandy would have wanted it to be.”

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