Goggleboxs Sandra Martin spills secrets of show – no return and career control

Reality TV star, Sandra Martin, 59, has claimed she wasn't allowed to work on other TV shows whilst filming Gogglebox and now she's quit, she's not allowed to come back.

The Brixton legend left the show following her best friend Sandi Bogle's exit in 2016.

After Sandi left, Sandra continued with her daughter Chanchez, but found the experience was not the same without Sandi by her side. She left the show the following year in 2017.

However, now Sandra has lifted the lid on what it was like to be a member of the Gogglebox cast for five years on Channel 4.

Opening up to her 102,000 Twitter followers, Sandra wrote: "After Sandi left I miss her so much… plus it was a contract show… you can't do certain shows like Big Brother if you on Gogglebox. Anyway I'm happy. Five years on sofa was good enough."

Since leaving the show, Sandra has appeared on Celebrity First Dates, 100 Years Younger in 21 days, Britain's Got Talent, Judge Rinder and a number of pantomimes.

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Sandra admitted that she felt restricted by being on the Channel 4 show, and now that she's left, she is much happier.

The Gogglebox legend, known for her over-the-top jewellery and booming laugh, recently signed a contract with Now That's Entertainment, where she is set to work alongside Sam Bailey and many more celebs, according to her Twitter.

She told her followers: "I left because life is godly on the other side. Just sign a contract with Now That's Entertainment. Working alongside Sam Bailey and many more top celebrities. Plus just bought a house in Hastings. Now that is green."

However, during her time on the show, Sandra admitted that certain perks were very welcome.

During filming, which occurred in four-hour intervals twice a week, the Channel 4 team would pay for a takeaway for the Brixton duo.

Sandra also said that the crew would often join in on the takeaway options, and a runner on set would get them anything they needed.

Although Sandra admitted that she does not get paid for repeated episodes of the show, she is still grateful to Gogglebox for the platform it gave her.

The TV star wrote: "Every day since I left Gogglebox 2017. I get asked 24/7 365 every day. Do I get paid. Especially when I'm on Netflix. But hey I'm well happy. Gogglebox has left me a big platform why I still get invitation to all celebrity gigs."

Sandra seems very happy with her new life in Hastings, and has posted many pictures on Twitter enjoying her time with friends.

Gogglebox airs at 9pm on Fridays on Channel 4.

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